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5 Funniest appeals in Cricket ever

Ricky Ponting and Kamran Akmal.(Photo Source: Getty Images)

Cricket is about passion and you can’t play it well if you lack that. Sometimes, when you are bowling nicely but not getting regards, it can get frustrating. Sometimes, it could be a case where the batsman has been batting too well and the bowlers haven’t just found a way to dismiss him.

And then, one mistake by the batsman and the whole team starts appealing. The ball could be crashing the pads or the batsman might have edged it. At this moment, most of the players will start appealing.

However, there are instances when the umpire will surely turn down an appeal. In those times, either a player can calm and continue or just let his/her frustration out. Sometimes, these moments create some of the most hilarious viewing experiences.

Without further to do, let’s look at the funniest appeals in cricket:

1. Laxmi Ratan Shukla

Laxmi Ratan Shukla may not have had a great international career. He played only three ODIs for India, way back in 1999. However, he did make a name for himself in the domestic circuit and also with his IPL performances.

This incident happened in one of the matches in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Bengal was playing against Tamil Nadu in the Quarter Final match. The Bengal side had failed to put on a big total, but Tamil Nadu wasn’t batting too well either. In one of the crucial match-changing moments, one of the batsmen of TN had nicked the ball to the wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha.

The edge was clearly heard on the stump mic but somehow, the umpire didn’t agree with the appeal. Shukla who was the bowler was vigorously appealing to the umpire. When he saw that the umpire wasn’t going to give it out, he made a hand gesture to the umpire which meant that he was swearing on his mother that the batsman had nicked the ball.

The batsman didn’t walk and Shukla kept saying, “Maa Kasam out hai.” Bengal ended up winning the match and qualified for the semis. The appeal by Shukla became really famous online.

2. Tabraiz Shamsi

Tabraiz Shamsi
Tabraiz Shamsi. (Photo Source: YouTube)

The South African spinner Tabraiz Shamsi has his own way of carrying himself on the field. He does magic tricks after getting wickets and he appeals more enthusiastically than anyone else. One of those appeals was seen during the Caribbean Premier League final 2017. However, we have chosen another such incident of the left-arm chinaman.

This one happened a year before that CPL Final in Australia. South Africa A was playing National Performance Squad in a match in Mackay. The ball pitched perfectly in line with the stumps and hit the batsman on the pads, who was at this moment clearly in front of the stumps.

Shamsi appealed loudly while almost jumping with celebration. However, the umpire overturned his appeal. Shamsi who had run almost till the batting crease while appealing fell flat on the pitch with disappointment. Then he got up and once again asked the umpire whether he would give it out or not. Mel Jones, who was on-air at this moment, cheekily said, “I have never seen any player put so much into an appeal.”

Watch the video here

3. Kamran Akmal

Pakistan wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal has one of the funniest ways of appealing. There have been many instances where the man has appealed in a way that cracked us up. However, we have chosen one which is absolutely hilarious.

This incident took place during an ODI in Perth between Pakistan and Australia. Ricky Ponting was facing Shahid Afridi and in an attempt to nudge the ball for a single, the former edged it to the keeper. Akmal did take the catch but not so cleanly. While he was grabbing the ball, it somehow rolled over from his gloves to between his thighs. However, Akmal kept appealing and shouting “Howzzat”.

The way Akmal was standing and appealing was a treat to the eyes and one can’t simply stop laughing. The umpire finally decided to call the catch clean. Ponting was adjudged out as the entire Pakistan team celebrated the wicket.

4. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is someone who is famous for funny expressions on the field. There are various occasions when “the Universe Boss” has done something on the field worth laughing about. This incident just happened last year during the Mzansi Super League.

The more he approaches the end of his career, it seems he has been trying to have more fun. In the match between, Jozi Stars and Paarl Rock, Gayle was bowling the first over of the match. A ball went and hit on the pads of Henry Davids and as usual, the West Indian made a loud appeal. When the umpire didn’t give the batsman out, Gayle made a ‘cry-baby’ face pretending to be crying. The umpire also couldn’t help but laugh at his expression.

In the end, it was all in good humour, as Gayle took the cap from the umpire, who was still laughing at this point. Though, we have to admit the appeal seemed like very close.

5. S Sreesanth

From the Indian team of the last decade, if someone had the loudest appeal was probably fast-bowler S Sreesanth. The Kerala seamer had many incidents of appealing vigorously at the umpire for a dismissal. However, we have picked up the one in which Sreesanth just couldn’t stop.

This incident took place during a Test match in South Africa. The right-arm fast bowler was delivering one of those spells where he was bowling well without much success. However, after several attempts, the pacer got one to nip back into Jacques Kallis, who couldn’t get his bat in line with the ball. The ball hit his pads, but seem to be going over the stumps. The Indian pacer kept on appealing for a leg before wicket until his hand was gesturing like a tiger’s paw.

This happened once again a few balls later. This time the yorker landed on Kallis’ boot, but the umpire turned it down as the boot wasn’t in line with the stumps. Sree appealed similarly with no luck this time as well.

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