Sunday, August 14

7 Best Part Time Jobs From Home (Without Investment)


A lot of us are looking for additional responsibilities and ways to earn money. With the Covid-19 pandemic, employers have become familiar with the concept of remote jobs. As a result of which, many companies and employers are hiring people to work from home. A lot of them offer flexible work hours, which kind of makes some of the jobs nearly part time.

Today, the work efficiency of the employee is given more importance than the number of hours they are spending in office. With so many favorable factors, one can easily find a part time jobs from home. To help you out ahead with this, we have mentioned the 7 best part time jobs from home in the article below. Make sure you go through their description and further do your own research to apply for these jobs.

1) Logo/ Template Designer

In the world where social media is ruling, the demand for designers or creative minds has increased now more than ever. Many companies like Canva are looking for designers who can design templates, logos and so on. You will mostly be required to design logos for companies, social media content design, campaign designs, template designing, and similar other things. If you are someone who has the essential skill set or an inclination towards designing, then you can certainly try for this part time job. There are numerous websites where you can find such job openings like Internshala, LinkedIn and so on.

2) Virtual Assistance

As you can understand by the name itself, a virtual assistant is a person who will assist the office duties of an organization but from their home. For such a job, your responsibilities could include answering phone calls of customers and potential customers, other phone calls, managing and scheduling appointments, managing calendars, entering data for the company of the person. If you are someone who can multi-task with ease and has some great organizing skills, then you can definitely apply for such a part time job from home.

3) Digital Marketing Executive

We all very well know how impactful social media is. With its even increasing user base and influence that it has been making on people, many companies and organizations are investing a lot more in their digital marketing departments. Hence, they are also hiring a lot of digital marketing executives or interns for part time jobs. Such a job profile will include managing the social media account of the company or person, replying to messages and comments, arranging and managing social media promotions and so on.

4) Freelancer Writer

A lot of content goes online on various blogs, social media handles of organizations, and so on. For this, many companies are constantly looking for content writers. If you are someone who has good writing skills, fluency in English language, then you apply for such jobs. There are a lot of websites that list such part time jobs from home for content writing. Generally, such jobs do not require any prior work experience but having one can help you in getting a content writing work from home job.

5) Online Mentoring

The last couple of years have seen a huge rise in the online mentoring sector. Many ed-tech companies are hiring online mentors on part time basis to tutor the students. Also, many teachers can start their online classes to gain more recognition from students all across. This can help you generate significant amount of income through online mentoring. You can either go for online live classes or create videos at once and sell them.

6) Campus Ambassador Internship

One of the most well-known internships or part time jobs is that of a Campus Ambassador. Basically, a campus ambassador is a virtual customer representative who has the job of assisting potential students for a college or any academic institution. Such jobs require you to have good communication skills and persuasive skills. This is one of the best part time jobs from home. You will find a lot of such openings on various websites under the name of Campus Ambassador Program.

7) Transcriptionist

The job of a transcriptionist is one of the best work from home online jobs that one can opt for. As a transcriptionist you will be required to work part time from your home. You will have to basically transcribe audio files with the help of your computer. A lot of businesses like a doctor’s office will hire transcription professionals and interns. You will get a whole variety of companies that will be needing transcription services. So, you can always have multiple options to choose from. The best part about this job is that it does not require any prior work experience or technical knowledge to transcribe. You can look up for such job openings on various websites.

Those were the best 7 jobs from home that you can go for. I hope the above article has helped you out to get a part time job from home. If you have any more suggestions, you can let us know in the comments below.