Saturday, April 20

Alia Zafar becomes first female director of PCB

Alia Zafar (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed one of the directors of the board for the first time in history. Human Resources Executive Alia Zafar has been inducted as one of the four independent members on the Board of Governors (BoG). Aaliya will hold the post for a period of two years.

A woman was appointed as a director because the new law of Pakistan states that it is mandatory for officers to include at least one woman in their board of governors among four independent directors.

Along with Alia, finance executive Javed Qureshi, economist Aseem Wajid Javad and corporate executive Arif Saeed have also been appointed as BoGs. While Qureshi and Saeed were appointed for three years, Wajid will be like Alia for two years.

The induction of four new members was done on Monday as the PCB’s Board of Governors hosted their 59th meeting at the National High Performance Center in Lahore.

The Pakistan board said in a statement, “After the appointment of four independent members, the new BoG has been formed. The remaining three members on the Board of Directors will be appointed after the completion of the election process at the Cricket Association level. “

PCB CEO welcomes Alia Zafar to the board

Pcb chairman Favor gem At the same time, congratulated Alia Zafar for becoming the first woman director of the Pakistan Board and informed about the further selection of the members.

“After the announcement of the new PCB constitution in 2019, at my request, these eminent members have agreed to continue through the transitional period and provide appropriate guidance to PCB management through their knowledge and insights.” PCB chairman Ehsan Mani said.

“I welcome newly appointed independent members, especially Ms. Alia Zafar, the first female independent member, which is a major step in enhancing the governance structure of the PCB,” he said.

The PCB has redeveloped its structure and as a result only six provincial teams namely Balochistan, Central Punjab, South Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Northern will be allowed to compete in the first class cricket tournament. For more than 50 years, Banks fielded teams in first-class tournaments with city-based teams in Pakistan.