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All time best Jonty Rhodes says Suresh Raina reminds him of himself

Suresh Raina and Jonty Rhodes. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Despite being sidelined from the national side, Suresh Raina has always been considered as one of the best fielders of Team India. Along with other fielding stalwarts of India like Mohammad Kaif, Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja, Raina has also been exemplary on the field. The left-handed batsman has showcased his fielding expertise many a time on the field.

Be it stunning catches, diving to save a couple of runs or agile run-outs, Raina has done it all while donning the India jersey. The Uttar Pradesh player has earned many accolades for his fielding efforts and the most recent applause for Raina came from none other than South Africa’s fielding maestro Jonty Rhodes.

The retired South Africa player is considered as one of the best fielders to have braced the sport. Speaking in an Instagram live video with Raina, Rhodes said that the left-hander reminds him of himself during his playing days.

I wish I was a young man like Raina: Jonty Rhodes

“I have always been a great fan of you as a fielder because you remind me of me. I wish I was a young man like you,” said Rhodes during the interaction.

He further explained that he enjoys watching fielders who are diving as it shows their on-field commitment. “I know what it’s like in India, I know how hard the fields are. So if you are driving around all the time, you are fully committed,” Rhodes added.

Rhodes also praised another India player Ravindra Jadeja during the interaction. “Then, Jaddu, he’s not bad, eh. I keep saying, people should throw over the top, but he is always throwing side-arm, yet he just doesn’t seem to miss. He’s a very different to you and I, a bit like Michael Bevan,” he said.

“He’s very fast across the field, you never saw him really dive or slide, because he’s got such good speed, he will get to the ball. You and I would always dodge, we are dirty fielders, we would get to the ground, get dirty, and get up quickly,” added Rhodes.

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