Thursday, June 8

Anushka Sharma shares hilarious video of Virat Kohli imitating a dinosaur; Saina Nehwal reacts


The ongoing lockdown might be a difficult phase in life for some, but not for Indian captain Virat Kohli and wife Anushka Sharma. ‘Virushka’ have been hogging the headlines lately for playing cricket with each other at their terrace.

Due to hectic schedules of the two successful professionals in their own fields, the two hardly get to spend time with each other.

Kohli conceded recently about him spending the most amount of time since they got married, due to the quarantine period amid lockdown.

Now, the Bollywood actress uploaded a hilarious video on Twitter, where King Kohli went all Jurassic, imitating a dinosaur. “I spotted …. A Dinosaur on the loose,” captioned her back

I spotted …. A Dinosaur on the loose, 🦖 🦖 🦖 🤪 🤪 🤪

— Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) May 20, 2020

The video immediately went viral, with the Badminton star, Saina Nehwal, reacting with a laughing emoji in the comments sections.


— Saina Nehwal (@NSaina) May 20, 2020

During a recent interaction with Sunil Chhetri, Kohli spilled beans about the time he fell asleep on sets, while the Bollywood actress was busy shooting.

Having Anushka by his side during crucial matches, Virat has to fulfil his duties to support his wife during her shoots. In turn, the jetlag kicked in for Kohli, and he fell asleep instead. Further, Kohli spilled beans about the incident when he left his wife mid-way in Bhutan while cycling.

Also, the two touched upon the topic of how Virat proposed Anushka. Chhetri, who did his homework correctly, got to know that Virat never officially proposed Anushka.

To which Virat replied by saying, “Every day can be Valentine’s Day. And what Anushka said is completely true, we never felt like we needed to do that, we knew that we were gonna marry each other, there were no doubts about it ever. I know once we knew that everything is going smooth, we were super excited to start our life together. And everything happened very organically.”

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