Monday, April 22

Bangladeshi man put Shakib Al Hasan behind bars for threatening death

Shakib – Death Threat (Photo Source: Facebook Live)

Mohsin Talukedar, the man who allegedly threatened to kill Shakib Al Hasan for inaugurating the Kali Puja pandal in Kolkata last week, was arrested on Tuesday 17 November. A few days ago the man came on Facebook Live and abused the all-rounder of Bangladesh to hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

He even vowed to kill the 33-year-old from Sylhet to Dhaka. On Tuesday, he was put behind bars by the elite Anti-Crime Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and a team of police in southeast Sunamganj district. Earlier, his wife was also detained and interrogated.

“She is awaiting legal procedures later,” a police officer was quoted as saying in the Hindustan Times. Later, in another video, Talukdar apologized and tried to go underground, but could not erase the wrath of the police.

Shakib made headlines after a picture of him in Kolkata’s “Amra Sobai Club” went viral on social media platforms. Seeing the hullabaloo around him, Shakib released a video in which he clearly stated that he did not inaugurate the puja and mentioned that it was inaugurated by Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim.

Shakib Al Hasan Explains

“The media, social media was flooded everywhere that I went to Kolkata to inaugurate a puja ceremony which was not really the reason behind my visit and I did not inaugurate the puja.

“Pooja was inaugurated by Farhad Hakeem, the Mayor of Kolkata. It was clearly mentioned in my invitation card that I was not the chief guest for Pooja, ”Shakib said on Monday.

Shakib said to have played Kolkata Knight Riders In the Indian Premier League (IPL), “The people there know and love me and the stage where my event took place was next to Pooja Pandal, but no religious issues were discussed.”

“When I was going back in the car, I had to go through the pandal because all other routes were closed. There I stayed for a few seconds and as the crowd and the organizers requested, I lit a candle which now I think I did wrong, ”I said.

Magur-born Shakib is now set to play in the inaugural version of Khulna Bangabandhu T20 Cup.