Thursday, April 25

‘Be it Imran-Kapil Series or Independence Series’ – Waqar Younis pushes for India-Pakistan bilateral ties to resume asap

Kapil Dev, Waqar Younis and Imran Khan. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

It is a well-known fact that India and Pakistan haven’t faced each other in bilateral series since January 2013. Rather it has been almost 13 years since the arch-rivals last played a Test series. The political relations between the two countries are very much tensed and that has affected cricket for long now. The teams only lock horns in the ICC events with India having an upper hand in the recent games.

However, former Pakistan cricketer Waqar Younis feels that both countries should play bilateral series frequently as the fans are being deprived of some quality cricket. He also suggested naming the series after the first World Cup-winning captains of the respective countries, Imran Khan and Kapil Dev and reckoned the contest will be a hit.

“If you go and ask people of both the countries on whether Pakistan and India should play each other, everyone, around 95% of them will agree, that cricket between these two should be played. Be it ‘Imran-Kapil Series’ or ‘Independence Series’ or whatever name we give to it, I think that it would be the biggest hit in the world.

“I think Pakistan India should play and should play on a regular basis to avoid depriving cricket lovers of India and Pakistan,” he said while speaking during a chat show QT20 for GloFans.

Waqar Younis not in favour of playing at a neutral venue

With the increasing tension along the border, it goes without saying that even if India and Pakistan agree to play a bilateral series, they will have to do it at a neutral venue. But Waqar Younis is not in favour of them playing in some other country and wants the home fans to witness the epic rivalry. He is also confident that the bilateral ties will resume soon.

“I do see Pakistan and India playing bilateral series. I am not sure where though, but I hope it will be either in Pakistan or in India. You don’t want to see them playing in some other country because that’s where you want to see them. You want to see them playing in their own countries. But I definitely say that in the next few years, I would say, Pakistan India will be playing,” he further added.

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