Friday, April 19

Brad Hogg tells how Skipper Virat Kohli is better than Rohit Sharma in white-ball cricket


Indian cricket is fortunate enough to witness two modern-day maestros bat together in the same lineup, namely, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

The two have been exceptional for the Indian team in white-ball cricket since Rohit’s promotion at the top in 2013. Since then, Rohit has matched Virat run for run, as well as ton for ton.

When batsmen reach such astronomical heights in cricket, cricket enthusiasts are bound to make comparisons.

Virat is the leading run-scorer amongst active cricketers currently with almost 12,000 ODI runs, While Rohit has been chasing Kohli’s tally with over 9100 ODI runs.

When it comes to T20I cricket, however, both Rohit and Virat stand neck to neck with 2773 and 2794 T20I runs respectively.

While conducting a QnA session, former Australian spin bowler Brad Hogg was asked about who being the better batsman Rohit and Virat in white-ball cricket.

“Who is better at white-ball and why? Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma?” asked a fan. “Well, Virat Kohli, because he’s more consistent when India have the big run chases. When India are batting second, he stands up and delivers,” Hogg replied.

“But you really cannot compare the two as they have different roles. Rohit’s role is to be aggressive against the new ball bowlers when field restrictions are at their least and Virat’s role is to bat through the innings and make sure he’s there at the end, so they complement each other,” added Hogg.

Earlier, legendary wicketkeeper-batsman Kumar Sangakkara heaped praises on the two gems of Indian cricket, tagging them as ‘destructive’, while playing conventional cricket shots.

“If you take the modern-day game, India has two of the best players in Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who play orthodox cricket, but who are just absolutely destructive in any format of the game,” Sangakkara said during the Star Sports show ‘Cricket Connected’.

“You don’t have to muscle the ball or put too much effort or look ugly doing it, they just play good cricket shots and results like,” he said.

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