Thursday, April 25

Coupe Tendance 2021 for femme and homme


As 2020 is coming to an end, focus on the most trendy hairstyles to adopt in 2021. After the bob trend this year, we bring you the most fashionable 2021 Coupe Tendance hairstyle trends to test right now.

After the hard year we have just passed, 2021 sounds like a revival, a breath of fresh air. What could be better than starting a new year by changing our hairstyle to start from scratch too? If in 2020 the trend was for short hair, this new year promises to be hair insane. Long hair, curls, accessories, undercut coiffure will be more than ever our beauty allies this year.

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Trendy Hairstyles 2021: long live the accessories!

Si l’on aime s’emparer des derniers bijoux, ceintures ou sacs à mains pour un look toujours plus stylé, il est primordial de ne pas négliger nos cheveux. En effet, notre coiffure est ce qui vient apporter la touche finale à notre style, il est donc important de pas la négliger. Pour cela, pas de panique, nos cheveux aussi ont leurs accessoires pour être tendance. En 2021, il est question plus que jamais d’adopter ces petits bijoux de têtes résolument mode. Si l’on opte pour des barrettes aux styles bien différentes pour un look glamour et chic, le foulard saura se faire sa place dans notre salle de bain. L’avantage du foulard c’est qu’il se porte aussi pour customiser nos coiffures classiques, qu’en bandeau directement sur le haut de notre tête. Comment oublier cet accessoire ultra tendance et symbole du style à la Française  : le béret. Unis ou à motif, le béret est incontestablement la tendance à adopter en 2021 pour une coiffure résolument mode.

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List of Coupe tendance 2021 femme :

  1. Asymmetrical Bob Short Haircut
  2. Short yet Wavy Shag
  3. Trendy Pixie Short Haircut
  4. Jagged Crop Short Haircut
  5. Pixie-Bob with Long Bangs
  6. Curly Undercut Short Haircut
  7. Brushed Back Short Haircut
  8. African American Short Haircut
  9. Short Haircut with Fringe
  10. Curly Bob Short Haircut
  11. Buzz Cut for Teenage Girls
  12. Flyaway Short Haircut
  13. Miley Cyrus Inspired Disconnected Haircut
  14. Fauxhawk Short Haircut
  15. Side Part Shaved Haircut

Tendances coiffures 2021 : le long a le vent en poupe

Even if the short cut and the squares will remain a trend indefinitely, it seems that in 2021 long hair is taking over. Indeed, we have all this moment when we miss our length but we don’t dare to find it again because there is always this long square that keeps appearing on Instagram. Fortunately, this year, our networks are likely to receive an avalanche of hairstyles for long hair to absolutely adopt to be in the trend. Curly, wavy, afro or straight hair, each to its own care to regain its length. Tied in a long ponytail, with braids or even natural, long hair is LA coiffure tendance de 2021.

Plain or patterned, the beret is undoubtedly the trend to adopt in 2021 for a resolutely fashionable hairstyle.