Thursday, September 28

CSA disturbances threaten to cancel South Africa-England series

South African team. (Photo by Barco Greif / AFP via Getty Image)

The upcoming limited overs series between South Africa and England is in doubt due to the ongoing turmoil Cricket South Africa. More than 50 world champions, who are ruling, are scheduled to fly to South Africa on Monday, but there is still little clarity as to whether the series will go smoothly. Three T20I and several ODI matches are to be played between England and South Africa.

But unless Cricket South Africa’s member council confirms the interim board, the much-awaited series could be in danger of being shut down. South Africa’s Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa imposed an interim board on the organization two weeks ago. On Thursday, the member council publicly stated that it would not appoint an interim board citing its inability to work with them.

The member council is made up of 14 presidents of provincial cricket associations. The council is the leading decision-making group in the CSA. So far, the council has shown absolutely no signs of cooperating with the interim board, thus putting the upcoming series at risk. If the parties do not come to an agreement soon, South Africa will not have an official team to represent the country. In such a situation, it will be impossible to execute this series.

Yakub pulls up the council of members

Judge Jaco Yacob, the chairman of the interim board, has come very short on the member council. The former Constitutional Court judge said England would hesitate to visit South Africa until a member council takes a ‘fair decision’. He also alleged that the council had been ‘uncooperative, irresponsible and rude’ with the interim board.

“I have no doubt that if the member council does not take the appropriate decision, England Would be discouraged from coming, ”Yakub told reporters quoting the Daily Mail.

“The member council and executive have been uncooperative, irresponsible and rude in their dealings with us. He broke his promise to certify the interim board made two weeks earlier. He said that he has no chance to correct himself, stop the miracle.

Meanwhile, England are still planning for the series and would like to travel on a charter flight to Cape Town on Monday as planned. An ECB spokesperson confirmed that England would travel to South Africa on Monday, unless they heard otherwise.

“As far as we are concerned, it is business as usual and we travel on Mondays until we hear otherwise,” the spokesperson said.

A major setback would be the cancellation of the CSA, which has suffered financially in recent months. Many of his sponsors have ended their relationship in the wake of the unrest. If the upcoming series does not go ahead, CSA will take revenue revenue of $ 4.2 million from TV rights further. It may prompt the ICC, upon receiving a complaint from the Council of Members, to suspend the CSA on the basis of external interference.