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Dubai International Cricket Stadium T20I Records : Highest Score, Boundary Length, Previous Matches & T20 Stats

Find out Dubai International Cricket Stadium Records T20I 2021, Highest Score, Boundary Length, Pitch Report, Previous Match Scorecard, Bowling or batting pitch, T20 Stats of Dubai Stadium.

Dubai International Cricket Stadium T20I records: Dubai International Stadium has hosted a total of 63 T20 International matches. India will face the Pakistan in the Match 16th of ICC T20 World Cup 2021 on 24th October 2021 at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium

Highest Score in T20I Matches at Dubai International Cricket Stadium :

At Dubai Cricket Stadium, the highest score in T20Is is 211/6 by Ireland against Scotland & 211/3 by Sri Lanka Against Pakistan.

What is the Dubai International Cricket Stadium boundary length ?

While the size of a every cricket ground can vary from match to match and end to end, the length of square boundaries at the Dubai Cricket Stadium are between 64-67 metre. Talking about the straight boundary, it is about 72m.

Dubai International Cricket Stadium is batting or bowling pitch ?

Pitch will favor batsmen in case of IPL matches with occasional gain for spin bowlers. Toss hasn’t played a major factor in predicting the winning team in IPL matches so far. But it has been noticed that teams winning the toss prefer bowling first considering the effect of dew on the pitch.

Wicket at Dubai International Cricket Stadium offers adequate help to both batsmen and bowlers. Of the three pitches, which have been used in IPL 2021, batsmen find Dubai as the ideal one to bat on.

The Dubai International Cricket Stadium is situated near the Persian Gulf. So the warm and moist air winds flow from gulf to land is obvious. The wind is warm all day making the pitch dusty and hard.

Dubai International Cricket Stadium Last T20I match scorecard :

Here’s the scorecard of last T20 International match played at Dubai International Stadium, it was played between England vs West Indies. England won the game by 6 Wickets.

Previous T20I Matches at Dubai International Cricket Stadium :

Here’s a list of dubai cricket stadium previous T20I matches, a total of 62 games have been played here.

107/05/2009PakistanAustraliaPakistan won by 7 wickets
212/11/2009PakistanNew ZealandPakistan won by 49 runs
313/11/2009PakistanNew ZealandPakistan won by 7 runs
409/02/2010AfghanistanIrelandAfghanistan won by 13 runs
509/02/2010CanadaNetherlandsNetherlands won by 6 wickets
610/02/2010CanadaKenyaKenya won by 9 wickets
711/02/2010IrelandScotlandIreland won by 37 runs
812/02/2010AfghanistanNetherlandsNetherlands won by 4 wickets
913/02/2010IrelandNetherlandsIreland won by 65 runs
1013/02/2010AfghanistanIrelandAfghanistan won by 8 wickets
1119/02/2010PakistanEnglandEngland won by 7 wickets
1220/02/2010PakistanEnglandPakistan won by 4 wickets
1323/02/2012PakistanEnglandPakistan won by 8 runs
1425/02/2012PakistanEnglandEngland won by 38 runs
1513/03/2012CanadaNetherlandsNetherlands won by 42 runs
1614/03/2012IrelandKenyaIreland won by 10 wickets
1714/03/2012AfghanistanNetherlandsAfghanistan won by 4 wickets
1818/03/2012IrelandScotlandIreland won by 17 runs
1922/03/2012CanadaIrelandIreland won by 10 wickets
2023/03/2012IrelandNetherlandsIreland won by 7 wickets
2123/03/2012CanadaScotlandScotland won by 4 wickets
2224/03/2012AfghanistanIrelandIreland won by 5 wickets
2305/09/2012PakistanAustraliaPakistan won by 7 wickets
2407/09/2012PakistanAustraliaPakistan won in super over after scores were tied
2510/09/2012PakistanAustraliaAustralia won by 94 runs
2613/11/2013PakistanSouth AfricaSouth Africa won by 9 wickets
2715/11/2013PakistanSouth AfricaSouth Africa won by 6 runs
2811/12/2013PakistanSri LankaPakistan won by 3 wickets
2913/12/2013PakistanSri LankaSri Lanka won by 24 runs
3005/10/2014PakistanAustraliaAustralia won by 6 wickets
3104/12/2014PakistanNew ZealandPakistan won by 7 wickets
3205/12/2014PakistanNew ZealandNew Zealand won by 17 runs
3326/11/2015PakistanEnglandEngland won by 14 runs
3427/11/2015PakistanEnglandEngland won by 3 runs
3523/09/2016PakistanWest IndiesPakistan won by 9 wickets
3624/09/2016PakistanWest IndiesPakistan won by 16 runs
3716/12/2016United Arab EmiratesAfghanistanAfghanistan won by 5 wickets
3818/01/2017United Arab EmiratesIrelandIreland won by 24 runs
3918/01/2017Hong KongNetherlandsHong Kong won by 91 runs
4019/01/2017OmanScotlandScotland won by 7 wickets
4120/01/2017AfghanistanOmanAfghanistan won by 8 wickets
4220/01/2017IrelandScotlandIreland won by 98 runs
4320/01/2017AfghanistanIrelandAfghanistan won by 10 wickets
4426/10/2018PakistanAustraliaPakistan won by 11 runs
4528/10/2018PakistanAustraliaPakistan won by 33 runs
4602/11/2018PakistanNew ZealandPakistan won by 6 wickets
4704/11/2018PakistanNew ZealandPakistan won by 47 runs
4824/10/2019BermudaScotlandScotland won by 46 runs
4925/10/2019Papua New GuineaSingaporePapua New Guinea won by 43 runs
5025/10/2019KenyaNamibiaNamibia won by 87 runs
5126/10/2019BermudaNetherlandsNetherlands won by 92 runs
5226/10/2019NamibiaSingaporeNamibia won by 87 runs
5327/10/2019KenyaPapua New GuineaPapua New Guinea won by 45 runs
5427/10/2019ScotlandNetherlandsNetherlands won by 4 wickets
5529/10/2019United Arab EmiratesNetherlandsNetherlands won by 8 wickets
5629/10/2019NamibiaOmanNamibia won by 54 runs
5730/10/2019United Arab EmiratesScotlandScotland won by 90 runs
5830/10/2019Hong KongOmanOman won by 12 runs
5901/11/2019IrelandNetherlandsNetherlands won by 21 runs
6001/11/2019NamibiaPapua New GuineaPapua New Guinea won by 18 runs
6102/11/2019IrelandNamibiaIreland won by 27 runs
6202/11/2019NetherlandsPapua New GuineaNetherlands won by 7 wickets
6321/10/2021EnglandWest IndiesEngland won by 6 wickets

T20 stats for Dubai International Cricket Stadium:

  • Total Match Played: 63
  • Batting First Won: 34
  • Batting Second Won: 28
  • Tie: 0
  • Avg. Score in 1st bat: 155
  • Highest Score: Ireland 211/6
  • Lowest Score: 55 – West Indies