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Education Loan for Study in United Kingdom


Education Loan for Study in United Kingdom

Education is one of the most important thing in each human being life. This does not matter what field they want to follow in their life, they need to be ready at every point to ensure that they get the best education and resources for getting it. Everyone wants their children to get educated at the best schools and colleges. Although, when demand is not less than a fortune from parents around the world. The ‘quality education’ is available at every place in this world. However, there are times when you will need to spend some money out of your pocket to grab these benefits. This fact makes the existence of education loans absolutely necessary.

Education Loan for Study in United Kingdom

The expenses involved within the fee structure of faculties and colleges will never hinder you if you check in for an honest enough student education loan. It can limit the complications that arise in your way. The rising cost of fees that demotivate parents to let their children choose education in best colleges. These education loans to study in UK are mostly given to meritorious and deserving students that ought to get the platform to determine their stronghold and showcase their talent within the future. A student education loan doesn’t only cover common expenses associated with the university like tuition fees and other examination fees, but it also takes care of lab equipments, uniforms, laptop, traveling costs, etc. Almost every bank in India offers education loans for study in United Kingdom to people due to the high demand of the quality education.

How to Apply for an Education Loan to Study in United Kingdom?

  1. Application for education loan to study in UK: You can apply to any of the banks for educational loan and NBFCs considering your requirements (amount of the loan, secured or unsecured loan, etc) just by filling out a detailed application form and with the validated KYC documents, admission letter and collateral which is required in the case of an education loan for study in United Kingdom. Today, you can also apply online for an education loan which is comparatively a fast and time-saving procedure.
  2. Bank/NBFCs review your application: in any case the documents are submitted, the bank reviews the borrower’s application, his/her co-applicant’s credit history, value and verification of collateral and his/her background (academic and financial). supported this data, the bank later decides whether to approve or reject their case. In situations where parents have a negative credit history, banks mainly focuses on having joint borrowers with clear credit history. In case, the loan is approved, the bank will decide the rate of interest which is negotiable counting on the school and therefore the course selected.

For the tier 1 and tier 2 colleges, the loan rate of interest offered by banks is less than the rate of interest offered for the remainder of the universities . The rate of interest offered by banks and NBFCs also greatly varies. rate of interest of personal banks and NBFCs (11-14%) is usually slightly above the general public banks (9.2-11.75 %).

  1. Disbursal of the education loan: Following steps are followed to disburse the education loan for study in the UK-
  • The borrower shares the admission letter and fee details provided by the school with the bank.
  • The bank verifies the knowledge and calculates the quantity required at the time of admission and throughout the course.
  • Now, the borrower has got to share the detailed money requirement with the bank then the bank will disburse the quantity to your account or will directly disburse it to the connected college/institute in any case the formalities and negotiations.
  • Some banks and NBFCs can also charge remittance (currency conversion charges). Thus, it is better to see with the bank earlier.
  • Some NBFCs ( non-bank financial company) like Avanse, it can cover the full tuition fees without leaving any margin money. Whereas, public and personal banks leave a margin money of 15 to 20% which has got to be funded by the borrower himself.

Although the authorization letter from a nationalized or private bank are often presented to the Embassy or High Commission for visa application purpose as a proof/source of funding, authorization letters from NBFCs like Avanse or Credila won’t be recognized for visa purposes. therein case, it’s better to require the entire amount of loan at one go and keep that cash in your checking account . It’s important to use for the visa just in case the scholar has got to study for quite 6 months under tier 4 of the purpose based system.

Education Loan for Study in United Kingdom

Top banks that provide the simplest Education Loans options for the united kingdom

  1. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is one among the most important private banks offering education loan for the study in united kingdom . the utmost loan amount offered by the bank is up to ₹20 lakhs. If you want to avoid the last-minute rush, HDFC offers student loans even before the scholar has secured admission at the university.

  1. State Bank of India

State Bank of India offers a maximum amount of INR 30 lakhs as an education loan for study in UK with a loan margin of 15%. The rate of interest on the loan amount is up to twenty aboard rate of SBI. Moreover, the loan repayment tenure are often 1 year to fifteen years.

  1. Axis Bank

Axiz bank offers a maximum of INR 20 lakhs as education loan options for the united kingdom that cover different costs like tuition, accommodation, etc at competitive interest rates.

  1. Punjab commercial bank

Punjab Commercial bank also offers the bottom rate because the rate of interest on the education loan amount taken for pursuing an education at the highest 200 universities across the world.


Education loans comes after the home loans as the second largest consumer debt around the world.

Taking an education loan for study in United Kingdom can turn your life around in both ways. It is one of the critical decisions of an individual’s life and so you have to be in your wisest state of mind while deciding on taking that education loan for study in UK.

It is good to take an educational loan for study in UK, but you need to be extremely sure about it. Nowadays, you can also take an education loan for study in UK even using instant loan apps.