Tuesday, April 16

‘Fans make the game glamorous’ – Rohit Sharma feels cricket will know fans’ importance after the Covid19

Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Since March, there hasn’t been any international cricket. Considering the current situation, it is uncertain when the sporting action will resume again. However, there have been updates that whenever it does, IPL 2020 will be the first tournament to be played. As far as football is concerned, the Bundesliga has set the ball rolling in the resumption of sports.

The tournament is being played in biosafety environment. Most importantly, no fans have been allowed in the stadiums for watching the match. In fact, the Indian Sports Ministry has also informed that sporting events can now be held, but only behind closed doors. Indian white-ball vice-captain Rohit Sharma expressed his views on this whole topic in an interaction.

At the moment, the safety of people is of utmost importance: Rohit Sharma

On Saturday, the Mumbai batsman during an interaction said that fans are needed to make a sporting event glamorous. The right-hander also said that the world will understand the importance of fans in their absence.

“Fans are so important for any sporting events across the world. They make the sport look so glamorous and right now we’ll understand the importance of them not being there at least for a little while,” Rohit said while speaking to football presenter Joe Morrison on La Liga’s Facebook page.

The Mumbai Indians skipper also said that it is important to take care of public safety during this time. There have been reports that even BCCI has started to consider having the IPL 2020 behind the closed doors.

“At the moment safety of people is of utmost importance and once those measures have been taken, then there can be an allowance of the fans to come to the stadium and watch the game. Safety is very important and that will be taken into consideration before taking any measures,” Sharma said.

The number of cases in India due to COVID-19 is raising every day. The country has already seen more than 1.3 lakh people tested positive with the coronavirus as India is going through the fourth phase of the lockdown. Even if the lockdown is lifted up, it is unlikely that any sort of cricket will be played in the near future.

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