Monday, April 22

Farmer’s son Dayanand Garani plays team India’s throw specialist

Dayanand Garani (Photo Source: Facebook)

There is a saying that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and Dayanand Garani has proved it once again. Not too long ago, he was watching the traffic on a busy Kolkata road as a civic police volunteer, but is currently in Dubai with Team India as his throw specialist-cum-masseuse for his upcoming tour of Australia.

In a country where almost every child dreams of playing for Team India, Garani was no different. But like many people, his cricketing career did not reach even greater heights. However, Garani has realized his dream of being part of Team India, though not as a player but as an employee. He will now help Virat Kohli’s choice, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara and others to prepare for their big test.

Garani, whose father is a farmer, hails from a remote Jamtiya village in the Kolaghat region of East Midnapore district. After getting the news of joining the Indian team, he openly said on his ‘shocked’ response that his father was also speechless.

“I was stunned,” it was quoted as “I was saying by TOI,” and took some time to realize when I told my father about this over the phone.

Throwdown is not new to Garani

Dayanand Garani may be looking at his first stint with Team India as a throwing specialist, but he is not new to it. Prior to joining the national team, he was working with Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. He returned to India just before the call from BCCI came out of KXIP’s ongoing IPL 2020. Garani received this offer as regular throw specialist Raghavendra is down with COVID-19.

“All my life, I have dreamed of serving the country and this is an opportunity. I never thought it would come so soon. He must have seen something in me during the IPL – this is a really important turning point.

Bowling with a sustained speed of 140kph-plus for nearly three hours can be a difficult task but Garani is ready for the challenge. The 28-year-old revealed that he used to do gymnastics as a child and was strong enough to meet the demands of Team India players in the nets.

“I am ready to sacrifice everything for this new challenge,” he said. “I was a gymnast in my childhood days and was always physically strong. Be it a bouncer, yorker and a full-length delivery, I’m ready for whatever batsman wants. “

A medium fast bowler, Garani had faced many failures in the past. He started his journey in sports as a small-time club cricketer and could not afford to buy white flannels from Kolkata or bus tickets from Kolaghat for days at a time. Later, he represented Kolkata Police in First Division matches and also did duty for them as ‘Green Police’.

But after failing to get a big break in the game, he decided to take a different route. Devraj Nahata of Kolkata Police suggested him to do some fitness training and massage courses and Garani did not hesitate to try it out. He got in touch with Bengal coach Sanjib ‘Haru’ Das and later joined the Andhra Ranji team in 2016, where he mastered the art of throwing.