Sunday, October 1

Gautam Gambhir reveals a couple of manifestations when MS Dhoni lost his cool on the field


Former India captain MS Dhoni is known for his calmness and composure. Hardly has anyone would have seen him losing his temper on the field. Probably that’s the reason why Dhoni was called ‘Captain Cool’ by his fans. However, his former teammate Gautam Gambhir is of a different opinion.

The cricketer-turned-politician believes he has seen Dhoni losing his patience, but even then it’s completely alright as Dhoni is also a human after encl

Gambhir is known for his honest and hard-hitting statements. He often speaks straight from the heart, and once again gave a glimpse while chatting in a sports show. During the discussion, Gambhir came up with a revelation saying he has seen MSD’s losing his cool a couple of times.

“People say that they have never seen him (Dhoni) lose his cool, but I have on a couple of times. It was during the 2007 World Cup and in other World Cups, when we haven’t done well,” Gambhir said on the Star Sports show ‘Cricket Connected’.

The former Delhi opener also opined that Dhoni is a human and there is nothing wrong with such reactions.

“He’s human, and he’s bound to react as well. It’s absolutely fair enough to do that. Even at CSK, if there’s a misfield or if someone has dropped a catch,” added Gambhir.

The 38-year-old Gambhir, who played 58 Tests and 147 Odys for India, said unlike him, Dhoni was much calmer.

“Yes, he’s cool, he’s probably much cooler than the rest of the other captains. Much cooler than me for sure! ” the Delhi-born added further.

In the last edition of Indian Premier League (IPL), fans saw a completely different avatar of Dhoni when the Ranchi-born couldn’t control his anger and stormed onto the field after the umpire withdrew to the no-ball call.

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