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Getting an MBBS Degree in Canada


Getting an MBBS Degree in Canada

If you are also among those students who are trying to get an MBBS higher degree in Canada. Then you are on the right page to have an idea of. In this article we will share each and everything related to the MBBS degree in Canada.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Canada is not actually MBBS. In Canada MBBS is a degree in Doctor of Medicine offered for a time-period of 3-5 years. Having a bachelor’s degree is not necessary in every medical university for a Medical student. They can begin their studies without getting a bachelor’s degree in another field. The medical universities of Canada generally offer a 4 years medical program except for McMaster University and the University of Calgary where they offer a 3 years program. In Canada the curriculum of MBBS has two phases which are:

  1. Dedication for teaching fundamentals of medicine or basic subjects such as physiology, pharmacology, genetics, histology, anatomy, microbiology, ethics and epidemiology. Methods of teaching used for that such as traditional teaching, laboratory teaching, problem based learning and having limited clinical experiences may vary college to college.
  2. Clerkship is known as another phase of MBBS in Canada in which students work in hospitals and clinical centres with senior doctors or teachers to get hands- on experience. In Canada, there Universities offer the training in both official languages which are English and French.

In Canada MBBS is only available in 18 medical universities out of which MBBS in Canada for international students is offered in only a few universities. Cost of the MBBS degree in Canada on average ranges between 26000 CAD to 100,090 CAD per year. The tution fees of MBBS in Canada in Indian rupees is INR Rs. 13-70 Lakhs. An international student can complete the MBBS degree in Canada as a Degree of Medicine after 4-5 years but for enrolling into a residency program an international student has to clear the exam of National Assessment Collaboration. Once an international student completes their MBBS in Canada, they are required to clear the (MCCQE) Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination for practising Medicine in Canada.

In Canada the seats are limited for MBBS. Therefore, this course is only offered to students having the competitive and learning spirit to study MBBS in Canada. To pursue an MBBS degree in Canada, students need to be enthusiastic and have zeal to study. Most of the best medical colleges in Canada prefer to admit the best students only as there are only a restricted number of seats available for admission.

Reasons to study MBBS in Canada

  • The MBBS degrees from the universities of Canada provides a reputed internationally accepted medical degree in MBBS.
  • The Canadian colleges are offering recognized degrees to students in MBBS with further scope of research.
  • In the Universities of Canada the course of MBBS is taught by well qualified and highly skilled professors and teachers.
  • The course of MBBS in Canada offers a multicultural environment as the Universities of Canada are open for international students from different parts of the world.
  • In Canada medical colleges provide a great exposure to international students.
  • The Canadian Universities have a lot of spacious campus areas with academic buildings, they also provide furnished hostel rooms for international students.
  • The medical colleges in Canada have well equipped laboratories to give practical knowledge within students.
  • The best MBBS colleges in Canada also have enormous libraries with collections of various textbooks, references, journals, novels, etc.
  • The Canadian medical colleges are quite affordable as compared to the medical colleges of Russia or MBBS Colleges in the United States of America.
  • The fees of MBBS courses in Canada are quite lower than in other countries.
  • Best medical Canadian colleges also provide scholarships or student loans to deserving and eligible students which are dedicated towards their study.
  • The colleges of Canada provide excellent job opportunities for medical students and a comfortable lifestyle.

Best colleges for MBBS in Canada

A college plays an important role in the life of a student. It is very important for a student to select a good college for their higher study to make their future. The fees of these colleges are high but they are worth doing for an MBBS degree. These colleges provide quality education and have highly skilled professors for teaching the students. Therefore we have researched on the colleges of Canada and we have listed the best top Medical colleges in canada for pursuing a medical degree below:

  1. The University of Columbia
  2. University of Toronto- St. George Campus
  3. University of Alberta
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. McMaster University
  6. University of Montreal
  7. University of Calgary
  8. Western University
  9. University of Ottawa
  10. York University
  11. Queen’s University
  12. Simon Fraser University
  13. Dalhousie University
  14. Carleton University
  15. University of Victoria
  16. Concordia University
  17. Laval University

Cost of MBBS in Canada

  • Every student who wishes to study in Canada is required to spend money on different things. Before you get the admission for studying MBBS in Canada, various costs are involved in different things. Students had to clear various exams for MBBS in Canada.
  • While applying for MBBS college in Canada the costs of expenses include the expense of admission form, health insurance, student visa and plane travel which can cost between CAD 6000 – CAD 67000.
  • The Expenses in Canada for MBBS then, at that point, incorporate MBBS charges in Canada of various colleges relying upon their position and charge structure. Expenses in Canada or MBBS educational expenses in Canada fluctuate from one college to another and range between INR Rs. 14 Lakh to INR Rs. 60 Lakh every year.
  • Afterward, living mbbs in canada expenses incorporates convenience, food, attire, books and others. Living expense of MBBS in Canada ranges between CAD 11,000 – CAD 21,000


Canada is considered as the best country for getting an MBBS degree in Canada. As the colleges of Canada have ranked in the list of top 20 colleges of the world several times therefore getting an MBBS degree in Canada is worth doing. The colleges of Canada also do the placements of the students so that they can easily get a job in the medical field.