Saturday, April 20
May do ‘namaste’ to celebrate a wicket: Ajinkya Rahane on changes after Covid-19 pandemic

Handshakes Will Be Replaced By A ‘Namaste’, Ajinkya Rahane on changes after Covid-19 pandemic


The next time when Jasprit Bumrah dismisses Kane Williamson or R Ashwin foxes Steve Smith you might not see India captain Virat Kohli charging in with other fielders joining him in tight hugs, loud high-fives and fist pumps. The Indian cricketers may instead fold their hands and do ‘namaste’ when they get a wicket. At a time when ICC is considering a ban on the usage of saliva and sweat to shine the ball, India Test vice-captain Ajjinkya Rahane has suggested curbing the celebrations on the cricket field when action returns after the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to postponement or cancellation of all sporting activities around the globe and thrown deeper questions to the authorities on how to tackle the problem going forward.

Following on the same lines, Rahane said the celebrations after a getting a wicket maybe just be a plain and simple ‘namaste’.

“Now celebrating a wicket will be like doing a namaste or something else. Just stay at your place like old times, don’t need to run in from the boundary, you can do namaste. You cannot take anything for granted. Not only cricket I think in general our lifestyle will be impacted,” said Rahane in the web conference organised by ELSA Corp.

Over the years celebrations after a wicket or hugs when the batting partner gets to a milestone has become part and parcel of the game of cricket. The scenes get grander after a victory quite understandably so as cricket is not just a contest between bat and ball but it involves emotions, drama and struggle – The XI that plays in the field, the XV that is part of the squad and even the coaches and support staff go through a lot as a group. But Rahane believes the emotions need to be kept in check as physical contact will be minimized because of the pandemic.

Rahane said there perhaps won’t be any dynamic changes in the way cricket is played on the field but there will be lifestyle changes for sure. “Don’t know when cricket will start but whenever it will there will be some lifestyle changes, don’t think cricket on the field will change much but lifestyle for sure,” he added. The Mumbai right-hander said he is eager to get back on the field but is not sure when he will be able to.

“Don’t know what actions ICC will take. Personally will have to wait and watch. We’ll have to watch for cricket to resume and see what changes the authorities make but we’re looking forward to being on the field,” Rahane added.

Rahane, who is currently in Mumbai, said staying fit and positive is the best thing that anyone can do in these tough times.

“Believe in having a routine. I generally wake up early and finish the workout before my daughter wakes up. Staying fit is very important, Keeping a positive mindset is the need of the hour.

“I’m also helping my wife in cooking and cleaning. One of the best things is I get to spend time with my daughter, play with her. I’m black belt in judo, so started my karate practice, 3-4 times a week. So it’s all about being disciplined and staying motivated,” Rahane said.