Thursday, June 8

Happy Birthday to Ravi Shastri: 10 famous quotes by the King of the Commentary Box


Former Indian all-rounder and a successful cricket commentator, Ravi Shastri is currently serving the Indian cricket team as a head coach. Born on 27th May 1962, Shastri turned 58 on Wednesday (May 27).

There is no doubt that Shastri was an immensely fantastic commentator. Be it if it’s an intense game or a boring scenario, Shastri”s commentary has always been on the top. He has been a voice of cricket for over a decade, and fans have witnessed him commenting on some of the most exciting and breathtaking matches.

On Shastri”s birthday, let’s look at the 10 best quotes that he said while on air which will always remain alive in the heart of cricket fans:

10) “Make no mistake about it, there is a pressure cooker situation.”

Ravi Shastri on match situation

9.) “He has taken the aerial route.”

Ravi Shastri on attacking cricket

8.) “Edgedddddddd…….. And Takennnnnnnnn….”

Ravi Shastri on dismissal

7.) “Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the undisputed leader of the Indian cricket team.”

Ravi Shastri on MS Dhoni

6.) “The first man on the planet to reach 200, and it’s a superman from India.”

Ravi Shastri on Sachin's 200

5.) “That’s huge! That is a biggie, it’s outta here.”

Ravi Shastri's popular quote

4.) “That’s just what the doctor ordered.”

Ravi Shastri famous quote

3.) “In the air, Sreesanth takes it, India win! Unbelievable scenes here at the bull ring!”.

Ravi Shastri on 2007 WC

2.) “And he puts it into the crowd, six sixes in an over! Yuvraj Singh finishes things off in style!”

Ravi Shastri on Yuvraj's 6 sixes

1.) “Dhoni finishes off in style. India wins the World Cup after 28 years. The Party begins in Mumbai.”

Ravi Shastri on 2011 WC final

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