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Hardik Pandya reveals how he first met wife Natasa Stankovic and who is ‘the backbone’ of their family


Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya on Sunday (May 31), announced the news of his wife Natasa Stankovic’s pregnancy. The couple also shared a few pictures on their official Instagram accounts.

Hardik-Natasa 1

On Tuesday (June 2), Hardik finally opened up on how he first met Natasa and how after dating for a while, they decided to get engaged on December 31, 2019. The adorable couple, however, broke out the news on social media, on New Year, 2020.

While speaking to cricket commentator and journalist Harsha Bhogle on Youtube live, Hardik said even his parents were not aware of his engagement.

“My parents also didn’t know that I was getting engaged.

“Two days before (the engagement), I told Krunal. I told him, ‘I have had enough. I have found someone in my life who I love, and I am becoming better’. They (family) backed me and told ‘do whatever you want’,” Hardik said.

Natasa Stankovic | Instagram

When Bhogle asked the Baroda lad about Natasa and whether she is a fan of him, Hardik said, “She had no idea who I was.”

“I got her by talking,” Hardik recalled about their first meeting.

“She saw someone in a hat at the place where I met her, wearing a hat, a chain, a watch, at 1 am. I know she thought he is ‘alag prakaar ka aadmi aaya’ (different kind of person came),” Hardik added.

“That is when I started talking to her, started knowing each other. Then, we started dating. Then got engaged on December 31,” the all-rounder said.

When further asked whether Natasa is the one who corrects him if there is a mistake, the all-rounder said, “We don’t have that relationship. Someone who always corrects me, are four people. Now, Natasa comes and tells me in my room.”

Speaking about the four critical persons in the family, Hardik said, “Krunal (Pandya), Pankhuri (Krunal”s wife), my sister-in-law, she is like the backbone of our family. My brother also Vaibhav. All these guys, we have created one environment where there has to be someone who shows the real-life, not the bubble life.”

Krunal, Pankhuri, Natasa, Hardik

“We don’t like to do sugar coating. In our house, there is no Hardik Pandya the cricketer, Krunal Pandya, the cricketer. In our family, there are few things that are supposed to happen, and some are not,” Hardik added further.

Hardik concluded by saying that Krunal is like a ‘guru’ to him.

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