Thursday, September 28

‘He must think once before speaking’ – Danish Kaneria slams Shahid Afridi for his hateful speech against India

Danish Kaneria and Shahid Afridi. (Photo Source: Twitter and Getty Images)

Shahid Afridi has been in news for all the wrong reasons recently. The former Pakistan captain had delivered a speech on his visit to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) in which had said some hateful things about India and their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. His speech received a lot of backlash from the Indian media along with Indian cricketers like Harbhajan Singh, Gautam Gambhir and Yuvraj Singh.

Now, former Pakistan spinner Danish Kaneria has also slammed Afridi for his speech in the PoK. While on the issue, the ex-cricketer was quite stern with his words. He said such speeches can spread a negative image for Pakistan cricket across the border. This is not the first time when Kaneria has spoken against Afridi publicly. A few days ago, Kaneria had criticised and blamed Afridi for not treating him equally during his playing days.

“Shahid Afridi should think before speaking on any matter. If he wants to join politics then he should quit all ties with cricket. It is important to stay away from cricket if you are speaking like a politician. Speeches like these create a negative image of Pakistan cricket not only in India but also around the world,” Kaneria told India TV.

‘Cricketing ties between the two countries should resume’: Danish Kaneria

Before the video of Afridi emerged, he had been seen distributing foods across the poor masses in Pakistan amid the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, Yuvraj and Harbhajan had supported his foundation by appealing to people to make some contribution to the ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation.’ Kaneria pointed out that this sort of behaviour is not known as friendship and that Afridi should check himself.

“He appealed for help from them and after getting the help you end up saying things about their country and PM. What sort of friendship is this?” questioned Kaneria.

Gautam Gambhir and Suresh Raina had posted tweets after seeing the video of Afridi. Harbhajan had openly said that he will not keep any relations with the ex-Pakistan skipper as he had spoken bad things about India and their Prime Minister.

Talking about cricket matches between India and Pakistan, Kaneria seemed quite positive about the future. “Cricketing ties between the two countries should resume. India and Pakistan have some political tension between them, which the government of both countries should resolve with dialogue so that cricket can return,” Kaneria said.

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