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Ishan Kishan recalls the time when his father got admitted to hospital during an IPL auction

Ishan Kishan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

IPL Auctions can be an exciting time for a young cricketer. However, that also brings a lot of pressure. More than anything it is the expectation of making it big at the highest stage. But, sometimes, it is the family who is under more pressure than the player himself. Such was the case with Ishan Kishan’s father, who got admitted to the hospital due to nervousness during his son’s IPL auction appearance.

Pranav Kishan, Ishan’s father, while talking about the incident, shared his side of the story. He revealed that the emotions got better off him that day and his blood pressure went high. He talked about the initials struggles which he had to manage everything for Ishan and his family.

“Both my sons have played cricket. While the elder one eventually went on to become a doctor, Ishan played professionally. When they were younger, my business was still small, so managing with two cricket-playing young kids was hard. So when the auction started, everything hit me all at once, and my BP shot through the roof!” Pranav said during an episode of ‘Spicy Pitch’ by Cricbuzz.

My dream is to play for India — to play consistently: Ishan Kishan

The young batsman then continued the story. He revealed that his father was all of a sudden alright the moment he heard that the auctions had gone well. The 21-year-old said his father eventually got up and told the doctor that he was fine to go home.

“My dad was in the hospital, all hooked up to the BP machine. He suddenly got a call and found out about how the auction turned out. He took the machine off and told the doctor he was ready to go home! ‘I’ll be fine now,’ he said and just left and came home,” said the Jharkhand player.

After getting the attention of everyone after captaining the Indian U19 side during the World Cup 2016, Kishan was picked up by now-defunct Gujarat Lions in 2016. He was with the franchise for the next two seasons. Ahead of the IPL 2018, Mumbai Indians bought him for INR 6.2 crores.

The young wicketkeeper during the episode also said that his ultimate goal is to play for India. He revealed that only when he would be able to produce match-winning performances for the national side, then he would say that he has achieved something.

“This is just the beginning for me. My dream is to play for India — to play consistently and to play match-winning innings. When I do this time, and again, I will finally be able to say I have reached somewhere,” Ishan added.

Source: CricTracker