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‘It suited John but MS Dhoni with long hair and orange colour on top was a disaster’ – Sakshi Dhoni

MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Sakshi, the better-half of MS Dhoni, recently spilled the beans on her first meeting with the former India skipper. During an Instagram live with CSK, Sakshi revealed that during the first meet, Dhoni came across as a very humble person despite being such a huge star.

Furthermore, Sakshi revealed how she has never been a fan of Dhoni’s golden-streaked locks, which had become quite a rage at that time. When Dhoni broke into the international circuit, his iconic hairstyle became the talk of the town in no time. Along with his explosive batting, Dhoni’s hairstyle also started hogging the limelight.

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had also once complimented Dhoni for his long-hair look and had asked him to not cut his hair in the post-match presentation. Dhoni’s iconic long-hair look was a popular trend across the nation before the wicketkeeper-batsman decided to cut it short.

Sakshi, while opining on Dhoni’s long-hair look, said that she was lucky to not see him with long hair. According to her, the hairstyle suited John Abraham but not Dhoni.

‘Luckily, I did not see him with long hair’: Sakshi Dhoni

“Luckily, I did not see him (Dhoni) with long hair because If I had seen him with that orange long hair, I wouldn’t even have looked at him. There has to be some aesthetics. It suited John but Mahi with long hair and orange colour on top of that was like a disaster,” Sakshi said during the Instagram live.

When asked what was Dhoni’s worst hairstyle, Sakshi had no second doubts on picking his orange-hair look. “Orange hair, but I saw that after I fell in love with him so that was fine. I was like thank God he met me with short hair,” she said.

Furthermore, Sakshi also admitted that her recent tweet on #DhoniRetires trend was the result of her emotions. She revealed that emotions took over her and she had no option but to tweet for squashing Dhoni’s retirement rumours.

“And it was trending since the afternoon. So something happened and I tweeted it and then deleted it because some fan replied saying that this hashtag is bad. But the job was done and the message was sent,” said Sakshi.

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