Wednesday, June 16

It’s just a money grab ‘- Alan Border wants the cricket board to stop sending its players to tournaments like IPL

Alan Border (Photo by Duf du Tit / Gallo Images / Getty Images)

Former Australian Test captain Alan Border is not happy with the preference of franchise leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the ICC T20 World Cup. Border also relied on Australia’s advantage over India in the upcoming Test series in the absence of Indian captain Virat Kohli in the final Test matches.

Speaking about franchise cricket, Allen insisted that the home board should stop sending its players to tournaments like the IPL because it is taking precedence ICC tournament. He also feels that such tournaments are just for making money.

“I am not happy with that. World sports should take precedence over local competition. Therefore, World T20, if it cannot move forward, I do not think IPL can move forward. I would question that decision, it’s just a money grab, isn’t it? “Seema told ABC.

“World T20 should take precedence, to be sure. If this happens, the home board should stop its players from going into the IPL.

I think this is a big ‘out’ for India: Alan Border on Kohli’s absence for the last three Tests

The 65-year-old, who scored 11,176 runs in 156 Test matches at an average of 50.6, spoke about the Indian captain. Virat Kohli And it seems that Kohli and countries like India, England and Australia have a responsibility to keep Test cricket alive amid the threat of a franchise tournament.

“He [Kohli] Is an opponent and plays aggressively. It is up to players like Kohli and teams like India, England and Australia to protect Test cricket from the growing threat of franchise cricket.

The Indian captain will travel back to India after taking part in the first Test match in Adelaide starting on 17 December, accompanied by his wife Anushka Sharma at the time of the birth of their first child. Speaking about the same, Alan joked that he was hoping that the child would be born in Australia so that they could claim him to be an Australian citizen.

“We were hoping that his child would be born in Australia so that we could claim him or her to be Australian!”