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‘Jhootha’ – Anushka Sharma”s rib-tickling exposé on husband Virat Kohli’s lie on live chat with Sunil Chhetri


Amid Coronavirus pandemic followed by worldwide lockdown, sports personalities have increased their presence on various social media platforms in order to interact and entertain their fans and followers. In the process, the Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri, hosted the Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli on Instagram live session where the duo talked about quite a few things related to both football and cricket.

During the chat, one moment came when Kohli”s wife and Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma hilariously exposed her husband’s lie. It all started when Chhetri, revealed an incident where Kohli went to London to support his wife Anushka during one of her movie shoots, but the Indian talisman ended up sleeping after five minutes. Chhetri then stated, it’s another story when Kohli went to see Anushka”s shoot in Prague and a similar incident took place.

“You went to London and then to Prague to watch Anushka’s shoot and support her. You watched the shoot for five minutes and then went off to sleep at an Old Truck restaurant. She watches a full Test match for you even when you are not batting, and you sleep after 5 minutes,” Chhetri told Kohli.

In response, Kohli tried to explain his part of the story. The 31-year-old said he was jet-lagged and the two to which he was feeling sleepy. However, Anushka exposed her husband’s lie on live chat and called Kohli ‘Jootha’ (liar), which eventually left Chhetri in splits.

“I reached at night, and I went directly to the shoot. There’s a time difference of 4-5 hours. Jetlag will kick-in at some point…,” Kohli said.

Then, Anushka shouted from behind and said, “Jootha” in order to expose the Indian captain’s lie. After which both Chhetri and Kohli were seen laughing hard on the screen.

Here is the video:

🎥 | @imVkohli and @chetrisunil11 on Virat sleeping in Prague and London while Anushka is shooting + Anushka’s voice cameo 😂 #Virushka

— Anushka Sharma FC™ (@AnushkaSFanCIub) May 17, 2020

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