Thursday, June 8

Kapil Dev recalls an incident when Bishan Singh Bedi sent him as a nightwatchman in the Lahore Test

Kapil Dev. (Photo by Gareth Catermole / Getty Image for Laurence)

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev recalled an incident when he was promoted by the then Test captain Bishan Singh Bedi in the Test match against Pakistan, playing the role of a nightwatchman. However, at that time, Kapil was not aware of the concept of Nightwatchman and scored a good innings and scored runs for his team.

Dev also welcomed former Indian captain Bedi for her love and affection. Kapil also had an eye on the problem that Kapil faced during his conversation with Bedi, as the latter came to have only two languages, Punjabi and English. Notably, the World Cup winning captain made his debut for the Indian team on 1 October 1978 against Pakistan under the leadership of Bishan Singh Bedi.

Speaking on ‘No Filter Neha’ podcast on Saavn Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia, Kapil Dev recalled, “Oh, when I played my first series in Pakistan, he was a captain and he was a Punjabi. Therefore two things were very important. He could not understand my language. I could not understand his language because he was half an English man. He had an accent and spoke with such great finesse. “

“Bishan Paaji, I remember the first shout I got from him, but he also got a lot of love and affection. I mean, very big. I cannot even express how much love and affection they have given us as youngsters, ”he said

Kapil Dev reminds me of those days when he was afraid of Bishan Singh Bedi.

Recalling the Lahore Test, the 61-year-old said that he used to bat at the number 9 or number 10 spot, but after the lead batsman lost wickets, the captain decided to send him. Kapil played two overs that day and scored an unbeaten 22 and he was very happy with his performance.

However, the same was not the case with Bishan Bedi as he asked Kapil if he knew about the role of Nightwatchman. At this Kapil clarified that he was nervous that he could not utter a word in his favor.

“But, in the Lahore Test, he sent me as a nightwatchman. Woh that last 5 overs ho hai na khele ke. He told me, “Okay, let Kapil go because the main batsman is out.” I was batting number 9, 10. So played the main Jake and in two overs I scored an unbeaten 22 and I was very happy all night that I had scored so many runs. “

“I came back to the dressing room, he grabbed me, ‘he said, Oye, Pehlwan, Tereko means the night watchman, Pata?’ And, I said, “I can’t find your car, this data has been put in, I said Panaji, yes Paaji.”

“Nawaz did not turn out alas. Main kahan paaji but they are only being given the ball here, so the main is killed, I do not have a thing. Toh said that the night watchman means Samho Pehle, ”Kapil Dev concluded.