Wednesday, April 24

Kohli disclosed why he once cried till 3 AM


The Run Machine Virat Kohli revealed how he ‘howled’ through the night after not being selected for his state team.

During a live Session with Students Virat was asked about the moment when he felt most helpless.

“The first time I was rejected in the state selections, I remember it was late at night and I just cried. I howled till about three in the morning and I could not believe it,” Kohli answered

“Because I scored well, everything was going perfectly for me. I performed till I reached that stage and I was rejected.”

“And I kept asking my coach for two hours, why didn’t it happen? And I couldn’t make sense of it. But when there is passion and commitment, that motivation comes back to you,” he added.

Kohli about the part Anushka played in his success :

“To be honest the patience bit I have learnt ever since me and Anushka met each other. I was very impatient before.”

“The learnings from one another that we have had, looking at her personality, looking at her composure in situations has really inspired me to fight it out.

“Even when things are tough you have to swallow your ego and keep being there in adversity, keep fighting your way out and eventually you will find a way. So that’s what I have seen her do and I have learnt from that.”

Captain Kohli feels that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world a very important lesson about life.

“Life is unpredictable. So, do what makes you happy and not get into comparisons all the time. People have a choice now how to come out of this phase. Life is going to be different after this,” said the Indian skipper.