Friday, March 1
PubG Mobile Update

MPL announced India’s own PUBG Mobile rival game, Rogue Heist


PUBG Mobile apps took the mobile gaming world by storm as it made sti debut back in 2018 to become an overwhelmingly positive sensation. It quickly became one of the most popular mobile games globally. Now, MPL, in collaboration with Mumbai-based game developer Lifelike Studios, has finally launched India’s true competitor to PUBG Mobile, called Rogue Heist.

Following in the local of PUBG and Fortnite. Rogue Heist is India’s first indigenous multi-player online shooter game exclusively on the MPL app, ahead of other platforms. The game will include an action-packed Esport mode, such as BRAWL. Each game lasts only seven minutes, in which 10 players rival against each other to steal the maximum amount of money.

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The idea behind Rogue Heist

To make it worth an Esports tournament, MPL will include a leaderboard system. Here top players will win cash prizes on MPL, converting their virtual cash heist with real money for takes. Lifelike Studios CEO has stated that “The biggest challenge was to reduce the size of the game from 1.5 GB to 450MB for MPL users while still being able to provide the true Rogue Heist experience. As this is a live game, we plan on providing constant updates to keep THOSE users engaged”.

MPL”s Rogue Heist will be free to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play. It will launch sometime later this year. Android users can pre-register for beta access on the Rogue Heist Play Store page. Simply sign into the Play Store with your Google account, click or tap the “pre-register” button. Users will automatically get enrolled and will receive a notification when the beta is available for all eligible devices.

It is worth notting that MPL is India’s largest Mobile Gaming and Esports platform. The company has over 40 million registered users and offers 40 games, including titles like FreeFire and World Cricket Championship. To know more about the platform, download the MPL app, which is available on both Android and iOS.