Thursday, September 28

Ms Dhoni Eats Strawberries from his own Farm, Shares Video on instagram


MS Dhoni shared a Video on Instagram from his farm house while eating strawberries with a Caption “If I keep going to the farm there won’t be any strawberry left for the market”.

The video by the former Indian skipper reached a million views in just few minutes. During the lockdown Dhoni starting giving much more time towards organic farming at his farm house.

Few days back, there was a report that there is a high demand of Vegetables/Fruits from Dhoni’s Farmhouse in Dubai. Dhoni is set to export the produce from his farm to UAE and other Gulf countries.

Since his retirement from international cricket, MS took interest in farming and agriculture, as he was seen riding a tractor and working at his farmhouse in Ranchi during the Coronavirus-forced lockdown in India. He also dabbled in poultry, ordering 2000 Kadaknath chicks from Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh.