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New year quotes for 2021 : Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Memes, Jokes images


After a very struggling year, the world is all set to welcome New Year 2021 with hopes, great zeal and enthusiasm. A new year brings with it 365 days full of opportunities.

It is the time of the year when we show gratitude to our loved ones, to make resolutions and to update our to-do list. So as the New Year approaches, as you welcome the new year with open arms, wish good luck and health to your loved ones.

For this We have compiled a list of New Year greetings cards, New Year wishes, wallpapers, messages, memes to share on WhatsApp and Facebook

Short Happy New year wishes for 2021 :

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
In the New Year,
May all of your dreams come true!
Happy New Year!

As the New Year makes its way
Through the cold winter,
Sending you a warm ‘Hello’
And wishing you a Happy New Year!

Have a year as fragrant as roses,
As brilliant as the sun,
As colorful as the rainbow,
And as cheerful as the lark.
Happy New Year 2021 !

Friends are really important part of life, here are few heart touching new year wishes for friends.

New Year 2021 Wishes For Friends:

Life keeps changing, but you, my friend are still the same who loves me the way I am. Wish you another delightful year full of successful outputs.

Nothing can weaken our friendship. The more years we spend together, the stronger our friendship will become. Happy new year 2021!.

You are away from me but not very away from my heart. I miss you to the moon and back. Happy New Year, dearest friend.

Happy New Year dear friend. Don’t forget the past, learn from it, and go out strong for your dreams and future. My best wishes are with you.

I wish you have a rocking year ahead spent with friends and loved ones. Happy New Year to you and your family

I know this year was kind of sucks, but I hope 2021 will be a great one. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Funny New Year 2021 memes to share:

New Year 2021 Jokes in Hindi :

गल्ती से भी 31 दिसम्बर 2020 की रात
11:59 PM को Toilet मत जाना.
नहीं तो सीधे अगले साल ही बाहर निकलोगे!!
जनहित में जारी.

एक तो आप मुस्कराते भी खूब हो, फिर दूसरा शरमाते भी खूब हो, दिल तो चाहता आप को Happy New Year के दावत पर बुलाऊँ, मगर सुना है आप खाते भी खूब हो!!.

जनवरी सपने दिखाती है और दिसंबर आईना!

प्रेमिका – जानू हम न्यू ईयर के दिन पार्टी करेंगे
प्रेमी – ओह नहीं मेरी बीवी बीमार है
मुझे उसे अस्पताल ले जाना है
प्रेमिका – क्या तुम शादी शुदा हो
तुमने मुझे धोखा दिया
प्रेमी – पर मैंने तो पहले ही बताया था ना
कि मेरे घर एक मुसीबत है!

Funny New Year Tweets 2021 :

This past year I went to the gym four times, and my New Years resolution is to cut that number in half.

Dec 27-30: Every day feels like a Sunday, proof that time is a social construct
Dec 31: New Year’s Eve
Jan 1: New Year’s Day
Jan 2: Reality hits

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