Thursday, October 5

“Nothiing about money…” – Suresh Raina clarifies why he wants to play in foreign T20 leagues


Chennai Super Kings’ vice-captain Suresh Raina has been vocal against BCCI”s policy of not letting their players participate in the foreign leagues. And how it doesn t give any flavour to the not-contracted cricketers, who tries to stay relevant and be match-fit for the Indian Premier League (IPL) every year.

After Raina brought the issue forward last month, Robin Uthappa too echoed the CSK star and stated that it is essential that the veteran cricketers play in the foreign T20 leagues to keep themselves in touch with the sport.

According to the current laws of the BCCI, any cricketer that wishes to play in foreign leagues will have to take retirement from Indian cricket, which includes domestic cricket and the IPL.

I am not playing for money. I am happy with the money I have: Raina

Suresh Raina, fondly called “Chinna Thala” amongst the loyal fan base of CSK, recently appeared on Aakash Chopra”s Youtube channel where he clarified that his stance is purely motivated by the need for exposure and experience of playing in different conditions around the world which he and other non-contracted players will gain.

“It’s not about money. The money that we earn in IPL, we can’t get it anywhere. Even if we play in the foreign leagues for ten years, we won’t be able to earn that much. The thing is when cricket (IPL) is over, players who aren’t contracted….give them a chance. We want to play one league or two leagues. We just want to play. Ranji Trophy”s standard isn’t of that quality now,” Raina told Aakash Chopra.

“We need match practice. If we sit at home for two months… even if we play the domestic cricket… you won’t have that confidence. We want to play quality cricket. I am not playing for money. I am happy with the money I have,” Raina added.

Despite a few players coming out in support of Raina, the BCCI isn’t expected to change the existing norms. The BCCI thinks that the Indian players will become cash cows for them and the league they will play for, and in the process, IPL might lose its dominance and its monopoly in the sport. Hence, the Indian cricketers are currently barred from plying their trade in foreign leagues.

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