Saturday, April 20

Police report lodged against All-rounder Yuvraj Singh for calling Yuzvendra Chahal ‘bhangi’ during an Instagram live session

Yuvraj Singh and Yuzvendra Chahal. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

A remark made by the former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has landed him into big trouble. In fact, he could be facing some serious charges for an incident which took place during a friendly live session between him and Rohit Sharma.

During the interaction, Yuvraj called Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, ‘bhangi’. The comment made by the former player hasn’t gone down well some of the Dalit right activists in Haryana. In fact, a police complaint has been lodged against Yuvraj Singh by Dalit rights activist and advocate Rajat Kalsan.

The complaint has been lodged in Hansi in Hisar, a place in Haryana, as reported by Zee News. The incident has come to light after some social media fans had pointed out the usage of this term by Yuvraj during his interaction with Rohit. Several tweets surfaced after Yuvraj’s inappropriate usage of the word.

Yuvraj Singh could be subjected to punishment if found guilty

After people started noticing the happenings, many social media fans demanded an apology from Yuvraj for using the word on a public platform. The main agenda which Rajat Kalsan has presented is the fact that Yuvraj made anti-Dalit remarks.

During the Instagram live session, Rohit and Yuvraj were talking about Kuldeep and Chahal being active during their live interaction. At this point in time, the ex-Punjab batsman called the two players ‘bhangi’. The accusation from Kalsan has come in light due to this particular word and he also pointed out that it hurt the sentiment of the Dalit people in the society.

Once the complaint was lodged by Kalsan, he went ahead to target Rohit as well. He said that Rohit Sharma should have expressed opposition to this thing of Yuvraj, but he laughed and agreed. Kalsan said that he registered the case and has demanded the arrest of Yuvraj Singh. He also said that CDs and documents will also be handed over to the police.

Talking about this issue, Hansi SP Lokendra Singh has said that he has submitted the investigation to DSP. He also revealed that all aspects will be investigated and action will be taken after the investigation happens. If found guilty, Singh could face issues but for now, the police will handle the matter.

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