Wednesday, October 4

‘PUBG has encroached my bed’ – MS Dhoni’s spouse Sakshi on how her hubby has been spending his lockdown time

Sakshi Dhoni and MS Dhoni. (Photo Source: Twitter)

MS Dhoni hasn’t played any cricket for nearly a year now. But that hasn’t affected his fandom and fans are always curious about his whereabouts. The focus has always been on him and it hasn’t changed, though he is at the fag end of his career and would be 39 this July. He was set to make a comeback in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which has been postponed due to the COVID-19.

Currently, he has been spending all her time with wife Sakshi and daughter Ziva, A few clips, where they were seen enjoying, also did the rounds. Even as Dhoni has been away, Sakshi recently made her debut on Instagram Live. She made her maiden appearance with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

MS Dhoni is sleep talking about PUBG, says Sakshi

To the host, Rupha Ramani, she revealed how the Jharkhand-born Dhoni has been engrossed in the game of PUBG in the lockdown phase. Sakshi, hilariously, said he has been blabbering about PUBG even on sleep. Sakshi, who married Dhoni back in July 2010, quipped that Dhoni’s brain is a free bird and it never gets tired.

“He has got a thinking brain; it does not rest. When he plays video games, it helps him divert his mind, which is a good thing. Now a days PUBG has encroached my bed. Mahi is sleep talking about PUBG these days,” Sakshi was quoted as saying during the chat.

Dhoni’s love for bikes is an open secret. During his early days in cricket, he also rode bikes on the field. Sakshi told that Dhoni is busy getting all his nine bikes back in shape.

“Mahi has 9 bikes. He opened them up, he bought parts and assembled them. He was assembling a bike and fully assembled it and he forgot to put one part and the next day he had to open the bike and he had to do it all over again,” he added.

Sakshi recently became a tad agitated after the hashtag ‘DhoniRetires’ trended on Twitter. She called people ‘mentally unstable’ in the lockdown phase. However, sensing some controversy in store, she deleted the tweet.

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