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PUBG Mobile apps: Here are the best guns for a rush playstyle


There are many playstyles in PUBG Mobile apps, most of which are born out of the different situations in the game. There is the long distance play style which is heavily dependent on having scopes. And to be honest scopes are not always available in every game. Hence the game gets down to close quarter battle or CQB which also translates to rush play.

When is Rush Play effective?

To be frank, a rush play situation can be created in any situation. When engaging enemies in an urban area, a couple of well placed grenades can flush out a squad that is holed up in a building. While engaging in open areas a couple of smokes can create a very effective visual barrier which can be used to create rotaions and flank the enemy. When engaging over a long distance a couple of well placed shots that knock them down a couple of enemy squad member can open up a situation for rushing them. But one major factor in the rush style of gameplay are the weapons you use. Though all weapons are effective if the player knows how to use them, some are generally better suited for rush gameplay.

5 best weapons for Rush Play

1. Groza – Rare and deadly, made for rush play

If there is one gun that you should be afraid of in the enemy’s hands, it should be the Groza. Basically to deadlier AKM, this weapon leaves destruction in its wake. Combine the damage of the AKM along with a rate of fire close to that of the M416, and you get the Groza. This weapon can take a whole team down in the blink of an eye while rushing. The Groza was made for rush play and nothing comes close to its raw power. Which is why this is the best gun on this list.

2. M416 – The all weather all-rounder

Rush PlayThis is the ultimate all-rounder weapon in PUBG Mobile, which is probably why it recently received a nerf on the PC version of the game. The M416 has the highest rate of fire among all the ARs, and a very standard 5.56 mm ammo damage. It is one of the more commonly available weapons among the others in the list. It does require a lot of attachments and has a significant recoil. But it is absolutely devastating in close range and is hence it is the second best gun on this list.

3. DP-28 – Poor man’s Groza

Rush Play

The DP-28 is a powerful gun, there is no doubt about that. It has a rather high damage rate, but that is marred by it rather low rate of fire and recoil. Like the other machine-guns in the game it only support a sight or a scope. But with it’s large magazine it is definitely a beast to contend with in long firefights. In rush battle, its sheer damage requires only a few bullets to down an enemy.

4. Beryl M762 – An AKM with attachments

Rush Play

This weapon is a staple for rush play, and that is because it is a better version of the AKM. It boasts of the same damage and similar rate of fire, but with the added advantage of more attachments. This means that is has less recoil and can be handles easier in a gunfight.

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5. M249 saw machine SAW – Squad Automatic Weapon for a reason

This is the other LMG in this list apart from the DP-28, but it ranks lower since sti damage is lower and has a painfully long reload time. But it’s 100 bullet magazine is more than enough to take down a whole squad two times over.