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PUBG Mobile developer Tencent Games has shared Season 12 stats


The PUBG Mobile developers at Tencent Games have shared some important stats about Season 12. The previous season saw the second year anniversary of the game launch. Hence it had a lot of events centered around that. One such event was the Amusement Park which apparently saw 1.5 billion visitors. The total number of rides on the launcher you’ve apparently gone up to 1 billion. Besides this total number of times Hunt Game was played at the amusement park goes up to 150 million.

Besides this there were mini-games which were available all over the map in Season 12. Total number of Mini-Games played came up to 900 million. The new weapon that was added last season was the DBS shotgun, and people apparently killed 50 million players with it. The total chicken dinners that were given out in the last season numbered at 60 million. While the chicken dinners given out in the Arctic mode also numbered 60 million. And speaking about the Arctic mode, 500 million chickens were roasted in the Arctic mode last season. These are some fascinating and mind bending facts which puts the whole game into perspective.

PUBG Mobile season 13 introduced the Toy Playground Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass for Season 13 with a “Toy Playground” theme has apparently been designed to evoke nostalgia. This new update will is live for iOS and Android players brings in a fresh season to collect themed rewards, including new gear skins, outfits and more.

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In the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13, players who unlock Royale Pass Season 13 can choose between Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at Level 50. They can earn the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. Players can also complete in-game challenges to unlock a myriad of special and rare items. A Sandstorm covered the Miramar map with Season 13. It has received a massive wave of new features and new locations for this new season.