Wednesday, April 24

PUBG Mobile enter 1-UC Bounty Raid as a new event


The devs have announced a new PUBG Mobile event called 1-UC Bounty Raid. This new event, you enter the chance to win some attractive skins by wagering a minimum of 1UC. There are multiple skins and cosmetic items available in 1-UC Bounty Raid. Each of these items have a threshold, and people can wager more UC if they want. Hence spending more UC means there’s a bigger chance of winning that skin in 1-UC Bounty Raid. Each time the threshold of an item to complete one person who wagered you have the chance to win.

PUBG Mobile has recently introduced another new event called Summer Land. Tencent Games says that Summer Land has a series of fun-filled activities within the event with the chance of winning rewards. Here are some of the things available in the new event.

1. Summer Surprise Bundle Discounts: This new event will feature surprise discounts. Players will have a chance to win upto 60 percent discount on some some of the more rare outfits available in the game.

– This activity will be available during the course of the event period, 20th May, 2020 to 14th June, 2020.

– Users must purchase 1 item to get 10% off, 2 to get 30% off and 3 to get 60% off.

– User’s can purchase up to three items at a time, and the maximum is 60% off

– After purchasing on Midasbuy, items must be collected from the in-game mail.

– All items are up for purchase

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PUBG Mobile enter the Summer Land Event

2. Team Death Matches for the win!: Another exciting activity within Summer Land is TDM matches.

– This activity is being held from 21st May 2020 to 31st May 2020

– Play with your friends and make it count because exciting rewards are up for grabs!

– Completing 2 TDM can win you a cannon as a reward, while completing 5 TDM matches with friends can win you a free limited Rain Forest AUG

3. Summer Land Special BP Spender: Players can win the Cheetah set, but this is only available for a limited time only during the event.

– This activity is being held from 21st May 2020 to 31st May 2020

– All you need to do to win is spend Battle Points

– The reward is the recently launched exquisite Cheetah set

4. All players have to do to win rewards is Log in during Summer Land.

– This activity is being held from 21st May, 2020 to 3rd June 2020

– Log in to grab gun skins, parachute and other amazing rewards!