Tuesday, March 5

PUBG Mobile gets another upgradable weapon, The Desert Fossil AKM


PUBG Mobile got a new upgradable weapon skin today called The Desert Fossil AKM. This new skin is part of the the new Miramar themed update which was added to the game last week. This new weapon like most of the upgradable skins have three different styles, two of which can be unlocked. This is part of a lucky spin in the game which also features other rewards like the Cardboard King set and Stegosaurus Helmet.

PUBG Mobile also has a new event called Model Soldier which brings the new Mr Fox set. The highest priority rewards in this event includes the Mr Fox Set along with the Mr Fox headgear. The procedure to get these is to complete the achievements mentioned in the event. Eleven of these are completed players are rewarded scissors which cut out different reward with points. These points are accumulated and can be used to unlock these rewards.

How to get The Desert Fossil AKM

The new event is a Lucky Spin which offers many different rewards. Players have to spend the UC to rotate the wheel. Doing this eleven costs 60 UC while the first of the day costs 10. Doing this 10 times costs 540 UC.

Sun-bleached style 🦴

The Desert Fossil AKM is available now! 👉 https://t.co/3SYRPU6Zz1 pic.twitter.com/Dlk4NskuG4


Plus there are rewards to how many time one does this. You may have to try rotating it many times before you get the new AKM. As always rarer items are more difficult to get.

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PUBG Mobile has a new Golden Trigger set available till June 6

In terms of sets PUBG Mobile devs have added a new Lieutenant Parsec Set to the game which consists of an white armored headgear along with the the set. There’s also a Fission Demolisher Kar98K skin along with the Lieutenant Parsec UAZ, Flashbang, and backpack skin. Like all crates there’s a chance to win these items when you open them. The more rate item, the less chance of getting it as a drop.