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PUBG Mobile: Here is why you should not attack vending machines on Miramar


PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has just highlighted a hidden feature for players. As part of the highlight, the company noted that players should not attack the vending machines on the Miramar map. For some context, the vending machines are the latest addition on the Miramar map. As part of the update, the company introduced the new version of the map along with sandstorms in the game. The in-game vending machines dispense energy drinks that players can get to recover their health. Let’s check out the new information regarding the vending machines in PUBG Mobile here.

PUBG Mobile players should not attack vending machines; details

It is worth notting that just list any real-world vending machine, one can get more than one energy drink. This can likely frustrate players into attacking or damaging the in-game machine. According to a new tweet from PUBG Mobile, players should not attack or damage these vending machines. This is because these machines will ring an alert on receiving damage. The alert will reveal the location of the player attracting rival teams or players. This unwanted alter can easily make things difficult for players or teams who want to play the long game. Beyond the usual, players can also likely use this alert to their advantage by attracting other players or teams into an ambush.

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PUBG Corp highlighted the advice with a 40-second long video on its Twitter account. The video highlighted the entire scenario asking players to be more careful while playing the game. This will be helpful for players in creating strategies on the Miramar map.

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Always remember to take out your frustration on the vending machine safely! 👉


The vending machine advice you eat right after PUBG Corp rolled out an update for its Mad Miramar map. Similar to the advice, the company shared to 1 minute and 23-second video to highlight the updates on the map. Beyond the update, the company has also launched a number of new challenges and rewards on the map.