Thursday, February 29

PUBG Mobile India game cannot launch before January – February, hint report


When will PUBG Mobile India be relaunched? Well, as per the latest reports, we can say that it may take some more time before the Battle Royal game is available in India. A report coming from the Insideport website may disappoint gamers waiting for the release of the Indian version. According to the report “Officials of the newly formed PUBG unit in India have officially requested for the meeting.” But the ministry is not in the mood to complete the PUBG unit.

The report stated that “the concerned officials of PUBG are repeatedly requesting the ministry for the opportunity of meeting” but “the request has not yet been granted.” The report also stated that there may be “no change in that stance at this stage” for PUBG Mobile.

Sources close to the development have also told the publication that “the proposed meeting will decide whether Riley can be allowed to PUBG”. He added, “In the current circumstances, it will not be easy for PUBG to move itself before January-February next year and this will also depend on the government’s stand.”

Sources in the ministry also told the publication that “no banned entity can only run and operate a new company. It can also tick or anyone else. They will need permission from MEITY to work once again in India. According to other reports, PUBG Mobile has registered as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs last month, but this does not seem to be enough to bring the game back to India.

PUBG Mobile is working hard to relaunch PUBG Mobile India in the country. The Indian version of the game is tailored to the needs of the players and also addresses the concerns raised by the cow slaughter. The company first announced some changes to the game and also took the privacy and security of players’ information seriously.

The parent company of PUBG recently partnered with Microsoft Azure to host the game on their servers. However, Microsoft stated that they have no information about the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India. The company said, “We do not have any news to share about PUBG Mobile India at this time. Keep an eye on the official website for more information! “

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile’s Made in India option FAU-G is set to launch in the country. The game is for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, indicating that the FAU-G may be launching soon.