Tuesday, April 16

PUBG Mobile Secret map first look has been revealed


A new map is on its way to PUBG Mobile apps which we have seen in leaks so far. But we were granted access of that ‘Secret Map’ that PUBG Mobile apps have you released in beta and we now have a look of it. This will be the first time a map will be added to PUBG Mobile before it makes sti way to PUBG PC. What you see here is part of a special Beta version of the game that we have been given access to.

We have to mention here that this is not the final version of the map, and this may be different when it releases. This is just a look of the work in progress and the disclaimer on the screen also mentions that.

WATCH: PUBG Mobile Secret Map gameplay revealed

The map has not been named ‘Fourex’ per say in the beta version of the game. As you can see here eleven we launch the beta version of the game that it says ‘Secret map’ here. There are no other options which means that we can only play this map on this beta version of PUBG Mobile.

The map is rather small and would make for some tight action. From what we have played it is apparent that the map is rather small, and could be 2x2km in size. This would make it the smallest map yet.

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Here’s how the gameplay on the beta version of this ‘Secret Map’ looks. Right off the bat you can see that it has elements from all the other four maps in each corner, which is possibly why it may be called ‘Fourex’. There’s snow, desert, as well as dense and light vegetation.

There are some new weapons on this map as well, these include the P90 SMG as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun. The inclusion of these weapons along with how abundantly guns are available, goes to show that the devs want this to be an action packed map.

The map is littered with buildings and obstacles which will also help in combat by providing cover while engaging the enemy. There are some new buildings in the map as well. Plus there are some which show that some buildings from the other maps are also being used here.

Though this is an extremely small map and the players would not require vehicles to travel, they will still be useful to rush players and take cover behind. The old vehicles like the Buggy, Bike, and the UAZ are present. Besides these there is a new monster truck in the map which can run over anything. This vehicle goes over boulders and other cars.

There is no specific news about when this map will hit the game. But the beta update is numbered 0.19.0. Since we are at update 0.18.0, it could mean that we will see this with the next major update to the game.