Monday, April 22

Ravi Ashwin revealed that Virat Kohli and Ricky Ponting were warmly on the field in IPL 2020

Ricky Ponting and Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Disney + Hotstar VIP)

Delhi Capitals spinner Ravi Ashwin has revealed that a heated dispute between head coach Ricky Ponting and the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore Virat Kohli When both teams played the Horns in the just concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020. The tournament reached the final between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals on Tuesday.

RCB and DC took each other twice in the tournament and later emerged winners on both occasions. In the first meeting between the two sides in IPL 2020, DC defeated RCB by 59 runs. In the second match, DC won the competition by six wickets. There was no major controversy in either of the two games, but Ponting and Kohli went with each other during the second match.

During the strategic time, the RCB captain was in discussion with the on-field umpires, when Ponting said that the two had said something before they engaged in a verbal fight. Fortunately, the incident did not snowball into a major controversy.

Ravi Ashwin smiled over the incident

Ashwin recently confirmed the incident as he said that Ponting and Kohli were with each other. In his YouTube show after Mumbai Indians won the title, Ashwin narrated the incident. He revealed that Kohli and Co. were not happy with him leaving the field and when he questioned DC for the same, Ponting gave it back to the RCB captain.

I had a problem when I ran. It was a terrible pain. He took an MRI scan and it was traced to pull a nerve backwards. I got down after bowling. And you know Ricky, he will not give up any fight. And when the RCB questioned, they said that we are not like that.

In the same competition, Ashwin also bowled out Kohli in the IPL for the first time. Recalling the dismissal, Ashwin said he prefers bowling to his India partner. He also revealed that Kohli never takes a chance against him. M S Dhoni.

He said, I have always loved bowling to Virat. He will never take a chance against me. Will not give his wicket; It was a matter of pride for him. MS Dhoni is also like this. In Pune, in 2016, I set him out with a ball and it was really high and as I was thinking, ‘Aha, Kohli wicket’, Ankit Sharma let the ball slip with his hands on extra cover! Hey! What have you done !, the off-spinner said.

Ashwin and Kohli will now share the dressing room for Team India on the upcoming tour of Australia. India has to play three ODIs, three T20Is and four Tests in Australia. Ashwin is only part of the Test side.