Thursday, June 8

Report: Cricket Australia officials received cash to attend ICC meetings

(Photo by Charlie Crouthast / Getty Images)

Australian media has made a shocking revelation, revealing that Cricket Australia (CA) officials were receiving “cash money” to attend International Cricket Council (ICC) meetings at its headquarters in Dubai.

The report stated that CA owners received cash allowances from the governing body before the surprise exercise last year. CA officials used to receive a cash allowance of US $ 500 (AUD 696) per day to attend ICC meetings in the Gulf countries.

According to The Age, the practice ended last year after concerns were raised the same internally. The Chairman of the People’s Culture, and Ethics Committee of CA, Michelle Tredenick, wrote an email to other CA directors on October 14, 2019, letting them know about the practice.

“… We have taken a different approach to the travel directors in the ICC business – first chairman and chief executive officer – usually for the provision of travel allowances provided by the ICC. These were given to the first person directly in cash. We have agreed that they will be paid to CA instead and all expenses will be paid by CA through corporate credit card processes.

“It is better administration. At the same time for the chair we have paid by CA (paid by CA) an allowance of 5k per trip, which compensates for being away from business / while working abroad on a CA business, The whole year can be considered and it is generally over and above the chair duties, ”it added.

On Earl Eddings, President of Mitchell CA:

In the same email, Mitchell further explained how CA President Earl Eddings’ salary would increase from $ 204,000 to $ 250,000. He said that Edding’s salary increased after reviewing the remuneration as he said he was given an additional allowance of $ 5000 per trip at the ICC meeting.

As per rules, Eddings received $ 500 in cash daily from the ICC when they attended week-long meetings. ICC directors of member countries around the world received the same amount from ICC, while CEOs and other non-ICC directors were given $ 125 ($ 175) per day.

The report quoted a CA spokesperson as saying that Edding paid an allowance of less than $ 3,000 over a period of 12 to 18 months when the CA policy was introduced around payments in July 2019.

The report also stated that former CA CEO Kevin Roberts brought the practice to the notice of officials after attending its first ICC meeting last year. However Edding insisted on his part that with Roberts, he brought it to the board’s attention.

“I was the one who came back on board with Kevin and he said ‘Listen how this has been going for 10, 15 years, it’s all over the board, I just don’t feel comfortable getting cash , ”Said Mr. Eddings. “I was the one with Kevin who changed the process. He and I did it together … We came back on board with a recommendation.

“It’s not that anything was wrong, it just didn’t seem right to get the envelopes of cash, even though it was a process from the ICC,” he said.