Thursday, April 25

Ricky Ponting reveals his choice of openers for the Test series against India

Ricky Ponting (Photo by Ryan Pearce / Getty Images)

The much awaited India-Australia clash is scheduled to take place on 27 November with one-day internationals. After the conclusion of the ODIs and T20Is, there will be a match between the two cricketers in a series of four cricket matches. Former captain Ricky Ponting has come to the fore with his stand in the ongoing debate over David Warner’s Test opening partner. Ponting believes that Joe Burns should remain in the longest format with Warner.

The debate between Joe Burns and Will Pokowski In Test cricket the opening slot is for grabbing. The debate escalated when Pukowski took Shield by storm by dodging two straight double tons. In contrast, Burns had a disappointing domestic field. Despite the fact, Ponting said Burns should go with Warner as he did last year when he gave the Kangaroos five straight Tests under his belt.

Joe Burns did not do much wrong: Ricky Ponting

“Burns hasn’t done much wrong. If you go back last summer, he played really well in the first Test in Brisbane, and I remember then locking him in and giving him a good run for a while. Giving a chance. We read a lot of what happened in the first few rounds of Shield cricket and because they have not played a Test match for so long, a lot of people are forgetting what happened last summer. Ponting shared Said to, “Test cricketer, T and I always say that you don’t want to make too many changes if you don’t need to.”

Ponting During his reign, the Australian team rose to great heights as they had the ability to make the best of the players. He filled the players with confidence and allowed them to play their game openly. He feels the same for Burns and believes he needs some confidence for now.

Ponting said in his captaincy style, “I didn’t want to change, and I always felt that it was my responsibility as captain to make the best of the players in my team.”