Thursday, April 25

Rohit Sharma reveals why he gave up eating his favourite ‘Pav Bhaaji’


Just like any other Mumbai citizen or commonly known as ‘Mumbaikar’, explosive India opening batsman Rohit Sharma loves the street foods of the economic capital of the country. He loves vada-pav and pav bhaajis. Rohit used to be an avid eater of vada-pav and pav bhaaji, however, now he has given up his most loved street food for his daughter Samaira.

In an Instagram Live session with teammate Ravichandran Ashwin, Rohit revealed why he doesn’t have his favourite food anymore.

“I’ve been out a couple of times, gone to that famous place near Chowpatty. One of the best pav bhaajis and you will get there. Now I’ve got a little one in the house, probably sleeping at that point, I know there is no chance of going and eating pav bhaajis after midnight,” Rohit told Ashwin.

Both Rohit and Ashwin are fathers, and no wonder they talked about it during the chat. The duo spoke about how making their little kids burp was something that they took a long time to learn. Rohit is also stated in the technique regarding the baby burp.

“I used to take that responsibility of making Samaira burp in the middle of the night. Now I walk around and do it rather than having her on my lap. Such a relief when they burp when you put them to sleep. I was not good at this, was the only thing I was lacking behind in,” added the 33-year-old.

The Indian vice-captain stated that in his early fatherhood days, he couldn’t figure out how to put the little one to sleep, but in lockdown, he has learned the process.

“Putting her to sleep is something I couldn’t figure out because for 1.5 years, she used to go to sleep early on tours or I was going to sleep early. I never really had an opportunity to be with her and maker her go to sleep. Now I’m at home… I did it once in the morning but haven’t done it at night yet. Hopefully, by the end of the lockdown, I should be able to make her go to sleep,” Rohit added further.

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