Friday, December 1

Sania Mirza reveals one annoying habit of Shoaib Malik that she doesn’t like at all


In a country where cricket is celebrated more than religion, other sportspersons have always found it challenging to get attention. Yet there have been some sports personalities who climbed the ladders of success and are highly supported by fans across the nation. One such name is Sania Mirza who wrote new definitions and became the first ever Indian woman to reach considerable heights in Tennis.

Recently, Sania was involved in a candid conversation with Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas. The Indian women superstar faced quite a few questions and revealed many exciting things related to her life.

During the chat, He asked Sania to mention one habit of her husband, Shoaib Malik, which irritates Sania the most. Named as one of the “50 Heroes of Asia ‘ by Time in October 2005, Sania revealed that Shoaib”s habit of not saying anything whenever the couple argue on any topic annoys her the most.

“I know when we are having a conversation, and he doesn’t speak, especially when we are having an argument or something and he just keeps quiet. I want to break something because I’m like ‘Can you just speak and finish it off because then it’s gonna lag’,” said Sania.

Sania said that she likes to chatter about something regularly, but Shoaib is utterly opposite as he doesn’t speak too often which she doesn’t like at encl

“I’m like this person who wants to get it over with, and he (Shoaib) is that person who wants to be like ‘Aaram se baat karenge (well talk slowly)’. He will just look at his phone, and I just go bad, bad, bad (constant chatting), I know I hate that, I can’t stand it,” the highest-ranked female Tennis player ever from India added.

Sania also revealed one habit of herself that Shoaib doesn’t like.

“I think that I’m really impatient. I guess that’s what he probably dislikes the most about me,” Sania added further.

In the conversation, He asked a few more interesting questions like who was Sania”s first crush. The former singles player responded to the queries and took the name of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. She further added that Akshay is still her crush and favorite actor as well.

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