Thursday, September 23

Shakib Al Hasan received death threats on Facebook Live

Shakib – Death Threat (Photo Source: Facebook Live)

Bangladesh all-rounder Ikka-Dukka Shakib Al Hasan received death threats on Facebook Live from a radical named Mohsin Talukedar. On Sunday, November 15 at around 12:06 pm, Talukdar, who lives in Shahpur Talukdar Para in Sylhet, went live on social media platforms and said that Shakib has hurt the sentiments of Muslims and even broken them to pieces Threatened to bite into.

He even said that he would go to murder from Sylhet to Dhaka 33 years old Shakib. Earlier, based on reports, Shakib inaugurated a Kali Puja in Kolkata. Meanwhile, police officials have mentioned that investigations are underway around the video and legal procedures will be carried out as soon as possible.

“We became aware of this matter. The video link has been submitted to the cyber forensics team. Legal action will be taken soon, ”said BM Ashraf Ullah Taher, additional deputy commissioner of Sylhet Metropolitan Police.

“It is a defamation and an attempt to destroy communal harmony,” said Ashraf Ullah Taher, an officer with the Dhaka Metropolitan Police. Later, the talukdar revives and apologizes for his behavior and advises Shakib as well as other celebrities to follow the ‘right path’.

Shakib Al Hasan reportedly went to Kolkata

On Thursday, 12 November, Shakib, born in Khulna, allegedly went to Kolkata to inaugurate the puja in the Bighata region. There he could be seen praying in front of an idol. The veteran returned to Bangladesh on Friday. However, on Monday 16 November, Shakib dropped a video where he clarified on rumors of Pooja’s inauguration.

The veteran was cut off saying that he did not inaugurate the puja and that a different name was mentioned in the invitation card. Shakib said that he attended another program for about 40 to 45 minutes where there were no conversations or activities around religion. According to Shakib, when he was about to board the car after attending the event, he was requested to light candles only in Kali Puja.

He was clearly cut off saying that the issue has been pushed out of proportion and also called himself a ‘Proud Muslim’. Shakib also said that he did not break the phone of a fan, who was trying to take a selfie and it was not an accident. He also apologized for the accident.

Here is the video: