Thursday, September 23

Shikhar Dhawan responds after Rohit Sharma complains that he never takes strike on the first ball

Rohit Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Rohit Sharma and David Warner have been quite active across social media these days. Both the prolific openers have been spending their quarantine period with their family and both the players have notched up their social media interaction. Recently, Rohit and Warner were involved in a live Instagram session and the duo recollected many playing memories during the interaction.

The duo also opined on the experience of opening alongside Shikhar Dhawan. One common factor between Rohit and Warner is that both the players have opened with Dhawan in their career. Rohit has opened with Dhawan in the national side while Warner has partnered Dhawan for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

One interesting revelation which Rohit made about Dhawan is that he is not attentive enough on the field. Whenever Rohit tries to share some plan with Dhawan, the left-hander is often busy in his own thoughts. Rohit also complained about Dhawan’s habit of not taking the strike at the first ball. Reacting to Rohit’s comments about Dhawan, Warner also revealed that Dhawan always tries to run a single on the last ball of the over.

Reacting to the comments of both the aforementioned batsmen, Dhawan put up his side of the story. The southpaw was involved in an Instagram live with former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan where he reacted to the comments of Rohit and Warner.

Talking about his habit of not taking the strike, Dhawan said that he doesn’t like taking the strike and facing the first ball. However, if his partner is a youngster, Dhawan will not hold back in taking the strike on the first ball.

‘I don’t like taking strike on the first ball’: Shikhar Dhawan

According to Dhawan, it was his comeback game in 2013 and Rohit took the strike during the opening. It became a trend afterwards and it continued for most of the games.

“I don’t like taking strike on the first ball. If my partner is a youngster, I will have a word with him and if he’s not comfortable to take strike, I will obviously take it. In 2013, it was my comeback game when Rohit started as the opener, so Rohit took strike as it was a comeback game, so it became a pattern and continued for most of the games,” said Dhawan during the Instagram live interaction.

Coming on to Warner’s allegation that he takes a single on the last ball of the over, Dhawan said that it’s not true. “David Warner was saying that I take a single on last ball of the over, I disagree to that,” said the left-hander.

Dhawan was set to represent Delhi Capitals in IPL 2020. He also had an impressive stint in the previous season where he smashed 521 runs in 16 matches including five half-centuries.

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