Thursday, September 28

Shoes That Cricket Stars Love To Wear


From Virat Kohli’s PUMA X Virat Kohli one8 Collection to Shreyas’s colourful Nike Joyride here’s all the inspiration you need for your shoe closet.

Shoes used by cricketers are generally from a particular brand with whom they have signed a big money deal. . Almost every cricketer has a deal with some big shoe manufacturing company which ensures mutual benefit to both the parties.

Virat Kohli’s Puma Shoes Price :

Indian captain Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of sports giant Puma and penned a deal worth Rs 100 crores . From his t-shirt to shoes, he uses Puma only. The price of shoes used by him ranges from Rs 20,000 – Rs 25,000.


MS Dhoni’s Shoes Brand and Price :

Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni has a slightly different taste when it comes to shoes and unlike his other counterparts who prefer Nike, Adidas or Puma, he wears the shoe manufactured by Australian company CCS .The price of his shoes normally ranges between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 INR.


MS also started his own Seven brand and now he prefers wearing those.

Rohist Sharma’s Adidas Shoes and their Price:

India’s explosive opening batsman Rohit Sharma dons an Adidas shoe whose price ranges from Rs 7,000 to Rs 22,000. He has even endorsed Adidas in the past.


Shreyas Iyer Shoe Collection :

Delhi Capitals skipper recently showed off his huge sneaker collection and it simply looks like a sneakerhead’s paradise.


Iyer’s has huge haul of top-line shoes, ranging from Nike Air Max’s, Air Jordans, Air Force 1’s, etc.

That’s all shoes they can afford easily, but if you are budding Cricketer and want Shoes at low Price with Good quality then down below we have listed few Best Cricket Shoes for you.

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