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‘Someone hacked my Twitter account, liked obscene video’ – Waqar Younis says he will not come on social media

Waqar Younis. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Waqar Younis, the legendary fast bowler, wasn’t a happy man in recent times. Even as social media is a platform for communicating with people, it can be a source of depression, anxiety and tends to cause low self-esteem. To make things worse, it can be a medium of cyber-bullying as well. Younis, recently, got to witness the dark side after his Twitter account got hacked.

It’s not the first time he has faced this. In a video released on Twitter itself, the veteran said that hackers have made life difficult for him quite a few times. Earlier, he formed the account to build a rapport with his fans, but he has changed his mind of late.

The hacker also went on to like some obscene videos, which might have surprised a number of Waqar’s supporters. Waqar thinks that the hacker won’t be stopping from hacking and hence he has decided to leave social media once and for all.

Waqar Younis
Waqar Younis. (Photo Source: Twitter)

It is a matter of great shame: Waqar Younis

“Today I have to say with great regret that when I woke up this morning, someone hacked my Twitter account and liked grossly inferior videos from my account,” the retired Pakistan pacer was quoted as saying in the short video.

“So, it is a matter of great shame, it is a matter of great regret and discomfort. For me and my family too. I used to think that social media or Twitter is a way of interacting with people. But unfortunately, this man ruined everything. By the way, the hacker has not done this for the first time.

“I have had an account hack three or four times. I do not think this man is going to stop, so I have decided that I will not come on social media after today. I love my family more. You will not see me on social media after today. I am sorry if this hurts anyone,” he added.

— Waqar Younis (@waqyounis99) May 29, 2020

Waqar is not the only celebrity, who has had to face the wrath of social media. A number of other cricketers, both current and former, had their Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked. Once they got to know about it, they didn’t take time in restoring their accounts and come up with a clarification.

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