Saturday, September 23

Tim Paine reveals an awkward moment when he ‘pooed his pants’ during the Ashes victory


The coronavirus pandemic has stopped all the cricketing actions. In the meantime, the players are heading towards social media platforms to interact with fans and followers. Some are organising Q/A sessions while some are even appearing in the podcasts to talk about how global lockdown is affecting their lives. During these kinds of chat sessions, the cricketers also reveal some interesting stories of their career. One such revelation has been done by current Australian Test team captain Tim Paine.

On a podcast ‘Keeping It Real’, Paine talked about various aspects of the game including his career. He recalled the memorable victory in the Ashes last year, during which, Paine disclosed an embarrassing secret which happened during the final moments of the fifth day of the fourth Test at Old Trafford. It was the game which safeguarded that the ‘Kangaroos’ would retain the Ashes, as they secured a massive 251-run victory.

Paine stated that he wasn’t feeling well as the situation was already tensed. The Aussie wicket-keeper expressed he wanted a break desperately, but there were no drinks break left.

“I was feeling a little bit ill, and there were some big, dark clouds rolling in over the grandstand, and we only had about seven overs left, and obviously, we needed that one wicket. (There were) No drinks breaks left, umpires, starting to talk to each other about (bad) light,” said Paine.

Paine said he wanted to go to the toilet as he was feeling nature’s call, but he couldn t proceed to that, and eventually, soiled himself on the ground.

“I just had a horrible feeling that I needed to go to the toilet … it was (a) number two and I know I basically just thought, ‘Righto, can’t waste any time, I’m gonna have to (go). Unfortunately, it was one of those moments where the crowd went quiet. Because I was a bit unwell, it was a bit runny, and you could actually hear it hit the ground,” added Paine.

The Australian captain also said that Justin Langer (Australia’s coach) would have ‘knocked him out’ if he had taken a break.

“I just thought they’re (the umpires) going to call the game off here, and we’re going to get stitched-up, so I couldn’t be running off the ground. I reckon JL (coach Justin Langer) would have knocked me out,” Paine added further.

Paine added that he told David Warner, who was positioned at the slips, to do the stuff there and he ultimately did. The Tasmanian said that he and Warner couldn’t stop laughing and had tears in the eyes.

“I remember saying to Davey Warner, ‘I’m actually going to have to do this’, and I did. That ball was bowled, I think by Mitch (Mitchell) Starc to big (Craig) Overton. Luckily he didn’t edge it because myself and David Warner literally had tears in our eyes, we could not stop laughing,” the 35-year-old admitted.

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