Tuesday, May 30
Rohit Sharma with Ritika

Two funny habits of Rohit Sharma that annoy his wife Ritika Sajdeh


Recently, for the second episode of the ‘Open Nets with Mayank’ series, Indian cricket team openers in the limited-overs format, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, got involved in a conversation with the India’s Test specialist Mayank Agarwal

During the interview ,Mayank Agarwal revealed Rohit Sharma’s two habits that annoy his wife Ritika Sajdeh.

Agarwal added that Ritika had told him whenever she is talking to Rohit, he acts like he is listening, but his attention is somewhere else.

Rohit agreed with his wife”s complaint and said that when Ritika tells him about the things that she needs to buy from the market, he tells her that he will get them delivered.

Rohit also said when Ritika asks about the things in the evening, he realizes he has forgotten the list and doesn’t remember anything, that’s why he again asks her about the things that need to be delivered.

Mayank secondly revealed that Ritika gets annoyed by Rohit’s habit of continually chewing his nails. To which, Rohit Sharma replied saying that he has reduced doing it considerably.

Rohit Sharma married his business manager, Ritika Sajdeh in 2015 after dating her for six years. Rohit”s fans, as well as the batsman himself, considers Ritika as his lucky charm.

Ritika is often seen in the stands cheering and praying while Rohit is batting.

Rohit shares a unseen beautiful picture with his wife on World Oceans Day

Rohit celebrated the World Oceans Day, Rohit took to Instagram to share an adorable picture with his wife.

He captioned the post as, “Isn’t blue such a good colour? Let’s try and keep it that way #WorldOceanDay @ritssajdeh.”9

The world of cricket is entirely on halt due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Cricketers have been busy with their families and keep posting about themselves on social media to entertain their fans and followers.